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“The day the star fell, it was like seeing something out of a dream. Nothing more or less than a breathtaking view.”
Your Name, or Kimi no Na Wa, is about Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana. The two are from completely different worlds: Taki lives in Tokyo and Mitsuha lives in a town in the mountains called Itomori, where she dreams of leaving the small town and living in Tokyo. The film anime, starts with a body switch, Taki switches Mitsuha’s body and then we flash to Taki’s life with Mitsuha in his. This anime is about two completely different people who try to work together to figuring out why this is happening. As they work together, their bond makes them grow closer to where they want to meet each other one day. However, distance isn’t the only thing that will keep them apart.

WARNING, this review contains SOME spoilers from this point forward.
Your Name was released April 7th, 2017 in the USA and is the highest grossing anime film of all time. The film is rated PG and overall the theme of the anime is sweet and keeps you on your feet. The story of the film was done well, it held a nice pace throughout the entire film and told the story with ease. The writing flows well from serious melodrama to the classic comic relief. Even the rock tone of the soundtrack gives the story a special sense of youth.
Another great thing about the movie is the art. The first scene of the movie shows beautiful stars falling from the sky, the scene is so breathtakingly beautiful that you can’t imagine that the rest of the movie can compete. The artists do a magnificent job with the mountain scenery of Itomori and the busy life of Tokyo. In the end, while the couple stand on the canyon, the artwork that depicts the destroyed Itomori fills you with heartbreak and all the movie is best described as what the characters say in the movie, “breathtakingly beautiful”. Being Japan’s number one film in 2016, there is a lot to say about this film.  From the leaves in the water to chopping food its a great film to watch. With everything, there are always downfalls.
Even though, this the only complaint I have about the movie is that you don’t really get a sense of who the characters are. Yes, you follow them through the movie and watch the characters fall in love. However, you only get a view into their lives for the first 20 minutes of the move. The stops the audience from getting to emotionally attached to characters.
Overall, this is by far one of the best-animated film adaptions I have seen. A definite recommend to anyone who has not seen the film.

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