By Cassie

Mr XGN, otherwise known as Cory or The Xiled King, joined Youtube in May 2014. Since then, he has been uploading informational videos on varying topics. From “How To Become a Leader in XGN?”, “Joining KSI | Story Time With Mr XGN”, and “Xiled Syndicate Weekly Address – EP: 1”. With all these informational videos mixed with some funny videos, Xiled Syndicate members can expect consistent videos.

Speaking of the videos, Mr XGN has introduced a new weekly set of videos where he listens to XS member questions and answers them in a video. I got to speak to Mr XGN, and ask about his hopes, and future of his channel and what he looks for to address in the future.


“I started the XS Weekly Address as a way to reach the masses, I felt my emotions and true feelings on important topics and matters simply can not be expressed correctly via text. I hope viewers and fans of the series really understand how important each topic I discuss truly is to me and our genre of gaming organizations as a whole. I truly believe the series could even benefit non-XS members and perhaps members of all gaming communities. By discussing real problems, situations, innovations and even flaws in our culture we can become educated, prepared and equipped for success.

As for future plans with the series I plan to continue to expand the number of topics I discuss each week, however, for now, it varies on what’s on my mind through the week prior. I think it would be cool to eventually bring on a weekly co-host that varies in rank and duties of XS, perhaps gaining a broader perspective of how the members feel about not only their community but the genre as a whole. I would also like to feature a “clip of the week” featuring a gameplay clip from a different XS member each week, just showing off the talent we do possess.

I strongly urge all members of XGN, TXO, KN and BGL to tune in weekly on my Mr XGN channel, and perhaps eventually the Xiled Syndicate channel for the Weekly Address and more entertainment. If anyone has any topics they feel should be addressed, I read the comments on EVERY video and that is by far the best way to reach me. Other than that, turn notifications on and be on the look out for what’s to come!”

Be sure to go follow his channel, and look for his weekly videos. Go here: for all his videos, and don’t forget to subscribe!




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