Hello BGL Caliber V, thank you for joining us today and allowing the Xiled Syndicate to get to know a little
about one of BGL’s Finest!

Q.) What made you interested in gaming communities?
A.) The thing that interested me most about gaming communities is that they bring large amounts of gamers together and provide them with a fun, creative, and expanding atmosphere.
Q.) What do you find difficult about being a leader?
A.) The thing I find most difficult about being a leader is having to make the hard and difficult decisions.
Q.) What’s your favorite aspect of leading in Banished Gaming Legends?
A.) The members.
Q.) Why should members choose to rank up in gaming communities?
A.) Members should choose to rank up to help everyone have a better gaming experience and help grow and improve the community they apart of.
Q.) What do you do outside of BGL / XS?
A.) Work and College.
Q.) What games do you enjoy playing when you’re not doing clan ops?
A.) Mainly I enjoy playing Halo 5 in my free time.
Q.) What do you think the Xiled Syndicate or more specifically, BGL has to offer to everyday gamers?
A.) Banished Gaming Legends and Xiled Syndicate offer gamers the chance to greatly expand their gaming experience whether it be cooperative or competitive and allows them to branch out and meet new friends from all over the world.
Q.) Advice for upcoming members?
A.) The best advice I could give new members is don’t hesitate to reach out to other members and get involved.
Q.) How can the syndicate connect with you? (Your Social Media)
A.) Everyone can reach me on Discord, my username is BGL Caliber V | President#9342 I check it daily.


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