Article By: Jessi 7XS

Whats up my mammals?! Yes I really did just go there, but I have significant reason to do so. Bringing you all the exciting news that Xiled Syndicate has resigned to continue sponsorship with Aporia Customs. With the resigning, a BRAND NEW collection of apparel has launched for Xiled Syndicate and its communities.

In the collection, you will find; Jerseys [long and short sleeve], hoodies [zip and pull over], sweatpants, joggers, and flags. Not just XS Apparel, but this apparel also comes customized for XS Communities! XGN, KN, TXO, TXI, BGL, and UXE will all be able to find some sweet ways to show off for their community outside of their computers and consoles.

Take a look at these jerseys for yourself, tell me they aren’t amazing!

So head on over to Aporia Customs, and check out the BRAND NEW Xiled Syndicate Collection, you won’t regret it one bit!