By Cassie

Very recently the Xiled Syndicate Mixer finally hit 1,000 followers, we are at 1,060 at this moment in time.  XS leadership is thrilled with all the support we have received and would love for it to be continued. The next goal for the XS Mixer is now 2,000 followers, and with this Mr XGN will be doing a giveaway. At 2,000 followers a member can expect any game (or games) up to $60 dollars in value.

Everything Xiled Syndicate does is just another step forward for us to be the best we can be. If it isn’t said enough we appreciate everything everyone in XS does for us. One day at a time, all of us are pushing what the normality of gaming communities and family are.

“XS consists of 5 Communities (XGN, KN, TXO, BGL, And OTO). All progressive gaming communities intent on bringing a positive gaming experience geared towards the success of Xiled Syndicate. Together we want to evolve the culture of gaming communities. With real opportunities on the casual and competitive end for our members and other organizations that wish to join us on this journey.”


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