By Cassie XS

Last night, I sat in a party with Oreo, talking to him about old times in XGN and how I was proud of him for reaching every goal he has put before himself. Knowing Oreo for years, I have come to realize how much for an influncial leader he is. From being ready to help and mentor anyone, he is truly one out of a million. Nevertheless, I got to sit in a party, to interview him on being the newest XS interview. Oreo goes on to explain more information about him, his future goals, and more information about XGN.

“What’s your current rank?”

“I hold multiple ranks, but you’re probably referring to my clan ops rank as a DIR.”


“How long have you been in XGN for?”

My three-year anniversary is coming up on the 14th of February of this year.”


“Why did you join XGN?”

“For the meme.”

He then squealed and told me not to add this. I am still adding this…

“…I joined XGN to enjoy gaming on the Xbox 360 in the best division everyone #DoH, Disciples of Honor back in the BO2 (Black Ops 2) days.”


“Who has inspired you in XGN and how?”

“Hmmm… literally heard you typing that. Oh my god, this must be like being famous. I have been inspired by many people XGN HELL5FURY 7, XGN CAPO 7 XS, and most recently XGN Jager 7 XS. They have taught me a lot that has influenced the way I am in XGN and in real life. For that, I am forever grateful. Also XGN Ish 7 and XGN Breezy VII.”


“Do you have any advice for up and coming members?”

“My advice would basically be, a lot of people like to change you to be someone else. Remember to be you, and love yourself, you will be able to do what you want. Be yourself, don’t let other peoples judgments effect you.”


“What is your goal in XGN?”

“Quite hard for me because I have reached a lot of my goals in the last couple weeks. Now, this the best time to think of different goals. Successful DIR, and move up to SNDR. Maybe later on this year to hold an XGN BoD role. As well I want to see the division I came from, DoD, split.”


“If someone wanted to game with you, what would be your favorite games you’re into right now?”

“Overwatch, Roblox, and GTA 5.”


“What are a few things you would like people to know about you?”

Uhm, I am a genuine guy, what you see is what you get. If I have a problem with you, I just won’t talk to you. I don’t hold grudges, I don’t hate anyone, somethings get on my nerves because I’m human. But I am one of the most chill guys I know.”


“What do you find most challenging at being a member at your new  rank so far?”

To me, its – I like going higher, but adapting to new areas is quite hard especially when you’ve been somewhere in a different position for so long. Also, I don’t want to mess up.”


“What did you think of XGN when you first joined?”

When if first joined Xiled Gaming Network, I loved it. It was always about gaming, joining parties with 16 people and playing. After some time I decided to rank up… at the end of the day its all about having a laugh.”


“Tell us something you think other communities don’t know about XGN?”

With XGN, compared to other communities, we love to have fun. We don’t strive to be better than anyone. We are here to have a fin, that is literally the reason we are here. We don’t enjoy to do the disciplinary actions at all. The reason we were founded was to game and have fun.”


Thank you XGN Oreo 7 for letting me able to interview you and have you shed some light on interesting topics. Being around Oreo, there isn’t ever a minute without laughter, feel free to message him to play some of his favorite games above and learn more about him.


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