By Cassie XS

I was very pleased to jump into a party with BGL Crazycop V, a seasoned BGL member. I got to understand more about BGL, what they were like before, and more general information. BGL currently has one division called Children of Anarchy (CoA), while their only squads being Risen and Infinity. BGL Caliber V and BGL Rapid V are the current leaders of this new up and coming community; leading it to future and current success. If you’d like to know more information or want to support them more drop a follow at @BGLCommunity on twitter!

Q: “What’s your current rank and when did you get promoted to that rank?”

A: “Co-Founder,  and I don’t know the exact date but it’s been a month or so; month and a half.”


Q: “How long have you been in BGL for?”

A: “Since April of 2018.”


Q: “Why did you join BGL?”

A: “The people I started playing, with one of the guys there and he started to talk about it [BGL] saying it [BGL] was a family… I was looking for a structured community.”


Q: “Who has inspired you in BGL and how?”

A: “That would be BGL Rapid V, he basically took me under his wing as soon as I got in the community. I moved up the ranks quickly with his tutelage and he inspired me to be better and make the community better.”


Q: Why do you feel joining XS was a good thing for BGL and/or a good thing in general.

“I think everybody in every community that joins wants to have fun… the whole point is to make a safe and non-toxic environment. This will give you a large group of people even in our small community to play games and not worry about that toxicity from other people. XS is all about that, that is why these communities joined the Syndicate to give even more opportunities …there are more opportunities to find people to play with when we are with the Syndicate.”


Q: “Do you have any advice for up and coming members?”

A: “Have fun, do the work you’re supposed to… if its something you can’t take on at the time, then don’t… if you’re here to have fun, then just have fun. If you’re here to help the community grow then do the work.”


Q: “What is your goal in BGL?”

A: “To make the community the best it can possibly be, make it a fun and enjoyable place for anyone that joins.”


Q: “If someone wanted to game with you, what would be your favorite games you’re into right now?”

A: “Kinda all over the place, I will give anything a try. Fallout 76, Minecraft – didn’t think I’d get into it – COD, pretty much anything as long as everyone is having a good time.”


Q: “What are a few things you would like people to know about you?”

A: “I don’t know, my GT is kind of a joke but I am a cop, its a play on words… if you get to know me I can tell you about it.”


Q: “What do you find most challenging at being a member of your rank in BGL?”

A: “I welcome challenges, so for me not a lot. The change of the ranking structure was a little difficult, going from what we had to go to the XS rank structure was a little different. But with anything challenging, I always work with it. Also, it was a little different to not be in the squad…. not just handling things by myself all the time.”


Q: “What did you think of BGL when you first joined?”

A: “First thing for me was how close nit it was… there was a core group that I figured out and really liked and hung out with and play games with – but it was more family oriented, it was much more easy to work with those people.”


Q: “Tell us something you think other communities don’t know about BGL.”

A: “I don’t know, what it stands for it seems to be something not a lot of people know … Banished Gaming Legends. We are a  lot of fun, we are very family oriented;  that we will bend over backward to help you- at least in my experience.”


Q: I know you guys are new to XS, are you surprised by anything we do here?”

A: “I mean, I am not really surprised, it was different. I haven’t had much experience with how things are all done in each individual community,  I know they each have their own structures and everything. But, no, nothing really super surprising – at least for me.”


Q: “Earlier you spoke about how the rank structure was different before then the was XS was, can you explain a little more?”

“There was more of the – defiantly more div staff, we only had two (2). But, um, I think in some ways it makes more sense because it spreads out the responsibility. The only complaint is that we are small so we don’t have use of all the rank… but I know we don’t have to fill every spot because we are small. Get in where you fill in.”

I was very happy to be able to sit down with someone from BGL and get to know about the community and them personally. If you’re a leader and think someone in your community deserves some recognition please message me on Xbox (Cassie XS), or Discord Cassie#9617


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