By Cassie

Very recently, Xiled Syndicate has started a fundraiser to help the future of XS. For the past decade, our various communities have been trying to spread positivity, connection, and family experience with everyone they come across. Positivity through our awards on the forums, saying thank you for what you have done for us. Connection with Discord, as our Xiled Syndicate Discord grows every day it’s just another way to connect with people and grow a family-like bond. XS leadership is continuously trying to provide a better community experience from the day before. This fundraiser is to help Xiled Syndicate take a future step towards becoming self-sufficient.

If you choose to donate more than $15 dollars in a single purchase and are the first 200 people to do so, members can expect to receive a limited edition keychain. On the front, the XS logo is present, while on the back it reads “1/200 Thank you for your continued support!” Below, will be the keychains so you can see what they will look like:

Below, are some commonly asked questions so far that will be answered. If you have any other questions not mentioned, please go to the #xiled-shop-support chat in the Xiled Syndicate server.

Q: When are they first going to ship?

The first batch will ship out Monday, April 22nd, 2019. After that, they will be shipped out periodically.

Q: What happens if I donate $30, will I get two keychains?

You will not receive two keychains, but we appreciate you going above and beyond!

Q: How much have we raised so far?

At this moment, we have raised over $600 dollars. To check on the progress go to to keep up with us!

Q: How will I know it [the keychain] will get to me if I order it?

After donating at least $15 dollars and navigating through PayPal, there will be a form all members can fill out their information.


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