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Yes, you read this title completely correct. Xiled Syndicate Events will be hosting its first ever mobile tournament this Sunday!

The tournament is being held on PubG Mobile, Sunday September 29th at 4pm EST. The event will be hosted by XGN PAPA 7XS, team style of duo, and played on 3 different maps in FPP. The maps you will play are Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. Point system will be based on your placement and amount of kills you get.

If you want to sign up, you can post a reply with your Discord usernames (including the #), to this topic below on the XS Forums;

I had a chance this evening to speak with XGN PAPA 7XS himself about the tournament.Although this is the first mobile tournament he has held for Xiled Syndicate members, PAPA is no stranger to holding mobile tournaments in general. “I currently run a league called ESLInferno for the PubGm Community, where multiple teams from clans will come and participate to practice and play for prizes.”

When asked why he wanted to host one of these tournaments, and how much of a turnout he thought there would be, PAPA didn’t seem very hopeful about a huge turnout for this specific tournament. “I don’t think there will be a bigger turn out at all. We may have 3,000 people, but these 3,000 people aren’t here [all] mobile, much less a mobile tourney. In my Discord where I host these however, there are 1,500 people in there specifically looking to play in them. My plan is to keep doing these to the point it does get popular enough, and people realize all of XS can play in this.I wanted to do this mainly because as I said before, all of XS can play in this. We all have a phone.”

When you run a tournament on mobile, one can only assume that it is a tad different from running one on console. But from PAPA’s description of how a mobile tournament runs, it doesn’t seem all that much different. “The process typically involves people signing up in our Discord using a specific format after we announce that, “hey it’s time to register.” They’ll ping their Team Leader and Team Manager so we can give proper roles. When game day comes around, our streamer/caster will then get in voice chat. We’ll have a chat about today, then he’ll leave to focus on casting and I’ll stay in vc doing live scores while spectating looking for cheaters and teams who die. Once the day is over, we’ll double check scores by looking at screenshots from the end of the match, and post them on our Twitter. We’ll link the post to our channel and wala!”

Some advice from XGN PAPA 7XS himself for members who may be participating in the PubG Mobile tournament; “Position is key. Just like any battle royale, you’re gonna want to go for that placement.” Even for me who totally sucks at BR games, like no joke I am terrible at PubG and Fortnite, “Lmao, yeah they’re very hard to get into especially Fortnite having the building mechanic. There’s also some luck involved when it comes to the looting side of things and the zone closing in.”

Here we go everyone! Get hype for the first ever XS Events Mobile tournament held by XGN PAPA 7XS himself! If you’d like to watch the tournament, you can check it out on his personal Twitch channel,

Good luck to everyone participating on Sunday, and big thank you to XGN PAPA 7XS for giving XS members the opportunity of this mobile tournament. I’m sure it will be a great one!


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