Article By: Jessi 7XS

Since the departure of the former Chief of Activities, one member who has worked their butt off within the department has stepped up to help keep and make Events as successful as it is today. TXO Noob 7XS, after her promotion to XS Chief of Activities has worked harder than ever to provide an arena for all members of XS to come together and battle it out in various titles, and even some fun competition such as Karaoke or the Voice Channel Battle Royale.

I had the chance to speak with Noob one on one, to find out what it was like to become the leader of such an important aspect of member activities within Xiled Syndicate.

J – When did you initially join the Events Department, what was your original title & responsibilities?

Noob – “When I joined, it was about September. I was a Div vs Div Manager; I helped to set up schedules, make the rules, ensure everything ran properly. Making sure it was fun for members.”

J – What was it like for the Department when the former Chief of Activities made their departure? Were there any difficulties that you needed to overcome?

Noob – “Almost the entire Events staff had left at the same time, very few staff members stayed. We had to restart the Department from scratch, and are still rebuilding now.”

J – When did you realize it was your time to step up to a leadership role within the department?

Noob – “I had sent a message to Dino [XGN Dinosaur 7], letting him know that if he needed help I would come back since I had left prior to that happening.”

J – How did you find out that you were officially being promoted to XS Chief of Activities?

Noob – “Dino & Bree had come to me to discuss this, and congratulated me on my promotion to Chief of Activities.”

J – What has been your main goal with Events recently?

Noob – “To bring Events back to what it can be. This includes not playing favorites, and making sure that Events is a fun place for everyone.”

J – I’m sure you’ve made changes since becoming the Chief of Activities as well?

Noob – “I wanted tournaments and Div vs Div. These are two big things in Events and I didn’t want members to lose out on them. We have had a lot of trial and error. We decided to move League play to EGO Arena so that more members could be involved with them as well. I felt like Division Representatives were not needed. Gaining back trust to Events from members is a work in progress.”

J – Can you take us through the steps of how an XS Event is decided and created? For example Minecraft Build-Offs and etc.

Noob – “We let all staff bring their ideas to the table, and allow them to host what they would like. We want everyone to be included, this is a team effort.”

J – So basically someone could say, “Hey Noob, I want to hold a Destiny tournament next Saturday”..and that’s it. What process is gone through before that can happen?

Noob – “As long as the staff hosting the tournament gives enough time for sign ups, preferably two weeks, I tell them to make it happen. The tournament host then sets up the rules, or we help them if needed. We make sure that we have enough hosts also. We post the tournament in our “to be promoted” channel and the Events Promoter advertises the event on all servers. We also post the tournament on the forums.”

J – So what kind of staff positions are available within the Events Department? Are there requirements or experience necessary to be able to apply for staff positions?

Noob – “We have a lot of opportunities in Events, especially to move up. As long as you’re active, you will always have the chance to move up within the Department. As long as you can host games and be active is all we ask.”

J – Where do you see Events within the next 3 months?

Noob – “I see it doing well! I would like to have more staff and maybe decide some new sections to bring in also.”

I’m sure everyone in XS would agree with me when I say; Thank You Noob! Thank you for stepping up to help rebuild a Department that is so important to the members of XS. You have done an incredible job with this, and we all look forward to seeing more improvements in the future.

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