Hello Xiled Syndicate,

As some of you may have noticed things are changing here in XS. The leadership of our establishment would like to brief you on all the exciting changes, and what’s to come.

Before we get into that I would like to take a moment to explain something, our community is the product of another community. When I formed my first organization a decade ago I was very young, I lacked creativity, and the failed to see the errors in the system we inherited. As a new decade begins, the Xiled Syndicate council as a collective feels it is time to innovate, and progress.

These are the following innovations our communities will be adapting to.

I.) Xiled Syndicates Blacklist has been reset. All organizations and players have been removed from the blacklist besides a select few. Found here: [http://xiledsyndicate.com/blacklist]

II.) Moving forward Xiled Syndicate will only blacklist for actual illegal activities. i.e DDoSing, Doxing, etc.

III.) Clans, Teams, and Organizations will no longer be blacklisted. Strictly individuals.

IV.) The age limit for XS community “Xiled Gaming Network” will be raised to 16, to match their sister organization The Xiled Ones. – All current members under 16 are accepted and grandfathered in.

V.) Xiled Syndicate will be experimenting with our rank structure and handbook over the next six months. We have some changes we would like to test and make happen.

VI.) Xiled Syndicate will be taking part in the creation of CyberGames – a community-based league of 20+ clans and gaming organizations. We will be dedicating a portion of our proceeds to fund prize-pools and development.

In conclusion, please give the organizations we have unblacklisted respect, follow our Code of Conduct, and have fun. That’s what this is all about. Expect many more announcements to come over the following months.

Click the links below and watch the video(s)

WATCH-> Mr XGN’s 2020 Vision for XS:

WATCH-> Discussing the truth about Unllimited:

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-Payton Cory Keathley “Mr XGN”
Owner and CEO of Xiled Syndicate.


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