Article By: Jessi 7XS

Happy New Year Xiled Syndicate! As we celebrate a brand new year, we have more reasons to celebrate that just the “NeW yEaR, nEw Me” mentality.

We begin at first by celebrating the anniversary of Xiled Syndicate as a whole. Xiled Syndicate was created under the vision that communities would come together for the love of gaming, while also being able to bring more gamers together. Even though Xiled Syndicate moved forward with positivity, at the time there was still major rifts and hostility between select gamers and other communities.

Throughout 2019, XS and communities within XS such as XGN, TXO, KN, BGL, and OTO faced threats and harassment at the keyboards and controllers of long blacklisted communities like; J2H, TSB, XDG. Xiled Gaming Network even saw the departure and blacklisting of several leaders and members from their PlayStation Division, Xbox One Divisions, and even their Mobile Division.

Everyone knows what the definition of “blacklisting” is. To blacklist is to ban contact with gamers, or other gaming communities who have harmed the community or other members. Things to be blacklisted for included; affiliation with already blacklisted communities/gamers, sexual harassment, harassment, hostile threats and actions, hacking, DDoS-ing, or severe violations of the Code of Conduct. For most this meant giving up the ability to talk and game with friends of theirs once they were blacklisted, or if their friends left XS to join a blacklisted community.

Fast forward to January 2020. A new decade brings an entirely new vision, not JUST a new vision, but fresh eyes and fresh perspective to the original vision. The initial vision that Cory, aka Mr XGN, strived to achieve when he began Xiled Gaming Network in 2010; to bring gamers of all walks of life together, to better the world of gaming, that every gamer can have a positive experience.

For the first time in the history of XS, Mr XGN has ordered the clearing of the ENTIRE blacklist. No literally the entire thing. The only entries that you are going to see on the blacklist now, are of those who have broken actual real world laws and/or pose a serious LEGIT threat to the community and the gamers within it. No really, I’ll prove what the blacklist actually looks like now.

Go ahead over to and see for yourself. Everyone else has been cleared, with the exception of 7 individuals who have broken actual laws. Mr XGN himself has been working hard within the last week to speak with various gamers and leaders of blacklisted gaming communities to squash the beef between our communities. This has to be the best thing ever, going into the new year with major changes and being able to bring everyone together once again.

Although some of the XGN Divisions saw great losses, just like time and time before we will work hard and we will overcome. Going into the 10th anniversary of Xiled Gaming Network in July of this year, I know we all can’t wait to see how these new changes will help to improve the community as a whole. After all, this is a completely new decade.

Now that you’re caught up on the first BIG change, don’t forget to look out for Mr XGN’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT later today! Join me and everyone else in XS, and get HYPE for these new changes. Let’s make 2020 ours, no one can stop us now!



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