By XGN Legion XS 7 and Cassie

In the Xiled Store, XS (Xiled Syndicate) offers a plethora of apparel, to stickers, and even hats! Xiled Syndicate is always trying to provide the best for our members, so even though we sell shirts, hoodies, jerseys, hats, mugs, community flags, XS stands, and more, we can always guarantee the best bang for your buck while supporting our movement.

There are four main sections of our shop, digital and apparel items, discount codes, and affiliate items. Each of these are very important, and to better understand the store, and what areas are at a broad scale read below:


Digital Items:

XS provides members who want to go the extra mile in supporting XS an elite service to all members and none members referred to as Xiled Elite (or XE) broken down into 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. For members who cannot afford our different subscriptions, a more affordable option is available. There is something called a Jr Elite, which individuals can support XS for only 3 dollars a month. In addition to all these goodies, there also a custom forums group, custom forums award, and a custom discord role you can purchase individually or by itself. All these items can be found under the “Digital” section in the store.


Apparel Items:

All of our apparel is customized to the communities in XS. In short, we have XGN, TXO, KN, BGL, and OTO representing clothing. We even have merchandise from our sponsors, like Kontrol Freeks, Omega Racing chairs, OPSeat, and SNSLabz. Depending on the article of clothing, expect very soft material, polyester, cotton, tight-fitting, jerseys, leggings, and other items offer. All these different items can be found under the “Apparel”  section in the store.


Discount Codes:

The Xiled shop does offer a few discount codes to everyone, and now and then we give a higher discount on our merchandise. These codes are given out sporadically, depending on if an important event happened, or just to give to the members. The Xiled shop always is trying to do sales to make sure our members are getting the best deal possible while supporting the #XiledMovement. Don’t forget to use the discount codes that are out there when they are announced, you can also use my very own discount Code: Legion for 10% off the total of your cart.


Affiliate Items:

XS is sponsored by many companies, and they have been gracious enough to be able to let us sell their merchandise on our website; this is where you can see those items. From our controller, headset, table,  and phone stands, to Krontrol Freeks and gaming chairs; we have it all there. All these different items can be found under the “Affiliate” section in the store.


This concludes this review over the Xiled Shop, Thank you all for reading this article, and we personally hope you enjoyed it, I also hope you have an amazing day, Don’t forget to stay tuned for more articles coming out almost daily!


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