We have several members ask us almost every day to have their own roles in this server such as “Mr XGN’s Anime Cuties xo” with the ability to be unique and have their friends apart of it. Obviously, we do not have the staff to make everyone roles and maintain who’s in the groups and who’s not, so we have decided to offer this feature for a very low price. This will work much like the custom forums group, except subscription based. All funding will go towards our mobile app development which will eventually replace the forums. We appreciate ALL members that choose to support our organization with an Elite Membership or a Custom Discord Role. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY!

Xiled Roles

Have you ever wanted your own customized discord role to differentiate from the others? With Xiled Roles, you and up to 10 friends can enjoy the community discord in style! Choose your own role name and just let a discord moderator know which friends you want in the role!


Subscription 1: $5 a month (up to 10 friends in the community server)

Subscription 2: $10 a month (up to 20 friends in the community server)

Subscription 3: $50 for 12 months (up to 30 friends in the community server for 12 months) (bonus year for free – limited offer!).

What you can do

  • Create your own role name
  • Option to change your discord group color once every 48 hours
  • Option to change your discord group name once a week
  • Invite any of your friends to the role!
  • Remove anyone from your group

NOTE: The group will be deleted after the subscription ends, members will need to contact a moderator for removals, additions and other customizations.

Go here to get your very own custom Discord role!: Custom Discord Role


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