Article By: Jessi 7 XS

The Nintendo Switch was introduced to the world in March of 2017. The first hybrid console of its kind that can be used stationary with your TV or portable wherever you are in the world. Featuring wireless Joycon controllers so you always have a way to play, whether it is solo or with friends.

Switch has changed the way of portable gaming, and coming in like a wrecking ball with hits like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, new Smash Brothers and Mario titles, and even a new Pokemon game.

Like gaming consoles, the communities within Xiled Syndicate are always evolving. With so many new consoles, new titles, new competitive opportunities, we all want our members to have the best experience possible. For me I am proud to be a member of a community that does just that.

If you could all join me in congratulating Xiled Gaming Network in their newest venture, giving home to the first Nintendo Switch squad; Zelda, WAG!

News broke from XGN’s Walking Amongst Gods Division Twitter late yesterday afternoon, I’m happy to be able to speak with Co-Division Leader of WAG and XS Chief of Activities, XGN Belle 7, about the newest squad in her division.

J: What first sparked the idea to open a Nintendo Switch squad? Had you been in high demand from members of WAG?

B: “The idea came from the BoD, I’m guessing Senior Leadership wanted to expand XGN onto as many platforms as we can. It’s a good idea as it promotes inclusivity and gets more gamers involved, it opens up a door to something potentially huge. WaG is a good fit as we are a large division that has the manpower and resources to take on a new platform. We have a good 20-30 members that own a switch and are interested in being a part of Zelda, as well as our Division Leader who was the most excited of all.”

J: Where typically squads in XGN were dedicated to specific games, will the Zelda squad fall in the same fashion?

B: “No, we don’t have games based on certain squads. Some squads ‘main’ games but it isn’t an official thing. For example, Revenge play a lot of Overwatch whereas Nova play a lot of Siege. Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, Pokemon, are some games that Zelda will most likely be supporting.”

J: Now that the new squad has been created, how did you go upon staffing the squad with it’s senior leaders? Did this make a deficit in other squads?

B: “We have a Colonel from another Division that is going to help run the squad, as well as our Division Leader. We are currently doing a DC style squad, letting members double-squad as it’s such a new squad. It will most likely change when the squad is larger to requiring members and staff to only be in one squad, but this is how we are doing things right now.”

J: Do you think recruiting for this squad will be tough? Would requirements have to be tailored in anyway to fit the console?

B: “Gonna be a little tricky. We’re gonna use tactics such as social media – Twitter, Facebook groups. LFG posts. It’ll be harder than Xbox recruitment but not impossible. We have 5 or so recruits already. I am confident that we can maintain and grow this.”

J: As the Chief of Activities for XS, how do you plan to integrate this console into Events? Have you already held events for the Switch?

B: “My Tournaments Admin, BGL Slay XS, has already offered to host Switch Events! He is a fantastic member of our team. We are waiting until Zelda is more established but we are definitely planning to implement Switch Tournaments and Gamenights.”

J: Where do you see Zelda in the next 3 months, and do you have any advice for the members on or interested in the Switch?

B: “Hopefully standing on its own as a successful squad. We really want this to work out, maybe one day we can even split it. Maybe one day Nintendo will have its own Division! For Switch members – stay tuned. This is gonna be big.”

Congratulations again to XGN’s Walking Amongst Gods division for becoming the first division to house a brand new squad on a new console. This for sure changes the game for Xiled Gaming Network and for Xiled Syndicate as a whole, as this will open the community up to even more gamers from all over the world! We look forward to seeing big things from Zelda WAG and from XS Events now that we house members for Nintendo Switch!


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