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For those of us who have been in Xiled Gaming Network for years, we remember Damaged Chaos as a once successful Xbox 360 squad. Fast forward to February 2019, DC was opened once again but now as a mobile Division.

Under the leadership of XGN Papa 7XS, DC has recently successfully split their squad Delirium to create new squad, Stallion. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Papa to get the low down on the split, and ask some burning questions about Damaged Chaos!

J: So, when did you first become involved with DC? Was this your first division as a member of XGN?

P: “Technically BoS was my first division. I joined DC back in October which wasn’t officially under XS at the time. Reason for being in BoS was so I could learn how things were run in a division since I was never in XGN beforehand and the division leader wasn’t either since 2015.”

J: Do you mind elaborating on what you mean that DC wasn’t officially under XS at the time?

P: “DC was a division that formed around September. It was technically a clan based on PUBG with the name being XGN as we were forming it to be brought into XGN. We had talks with Cory and the Board of Directors later in February.”

J :September of 2018 correct?

P: “That is correct.”

J: You’ve been involved with DC since their beginnings, how would you describe early DC in your own perspective?

P: “When I first joined, DC was nothing like your average Division. It was your basic PUBGM clan. There was a Discord and there was definitely activity between members but it was a public Discord which also hosted member channels. There was no Squad, no actual use of rank structure of any type. It was just the Division Leader and members. Once I joined BoS, I realized how this was not being run properly at all and wanted to start doing it how it’s supposed to be done otherwise there was no way we could join XGN in this state.”

J: How would you describe the differences in being a member of a mobile division vs. being a member in a console based division? Is there much difference in the way the Division is run?

P: “There’s no difference at all when it comes to being a member. The way we specifically handle requirements for ranking up is definitely different but being a regular member is in no way different. We’re all here to just game just like the other divisions.”

J: What is one example of a rank up requirement difference?

P: “Recruits. Down here it’s only required you get 2 as recruiting in mobile is very hard. Even though we all have mics on our phones it’s impossible to play a match where someone actually uses their microphones. Without this change we’d never be able to get anyone to rank up.”

J: Was Delirium your first and only squad starting out in DC?

P: “Yes and no. When we became official our previous Division Leader thought it was smart to have three squads, one for North America, Europe, and Asia. Delirium was NA, Templars was our EU Squad, and Oblivion was our Asia Squad. We had a total of about 60 people by this point. We decided pretty quickly Oblivion should just be with Templars. It took a little longer to convince him to merge Templars into Delirium but it did eventually happen.”

J: Was the merge due to low membership or more to bring all members together without segregation based on region?

P: “Both but mostly due to low membership. Having anymore than 1 Squad was definitely not a smart move from the beginning.”

J: So after bringing everyone together under Delirium, things became better for membership and the division as a whole. When did you first realize that Delirium was on the verge of a split?

P: “I’d say around the end of October. We started getting lots of staff by then and it was only obvious it’d take just one more month to really get there.”

J: Could you give us a TLDR of how the split process occurred? With my previous questions, I can only assume it’s not much different.

P: “Yes it’s pretty much the same. We get in a voice call with the Director, General, and myself. Go over who’s going where, get the CMS ready, and the Forums.”

J: Would you say there was a “hard part” of the split? If so what was it?

P: “I wouldn’t really say there was any hard part of the split tbh. Everything went pretty smooth.”

J: With the opening of Stallion, will both Stallion and Delirium be playing about the same mobile games? Will there be a same mix of members from all regions?

P: “We always have a mix of all regions. The Gen of Stallion actually currently lives in the Middle East but yes they’ll all be playing the same games.”

J: With now two successful mobile squads, how do you believe Trojan, your hybrid squad will fare? Will we see a split from Trojan soon?

P: “Trojan is very new. It’s actually a PC squad that was created from scratch about two weeks ago. So definitely no split from Trojan soon.”

J: With Trojan as new as it is, do you feel that Trojan would be considered to be in “competition” with TXO’s PC Divisions of XL & XK?

P: “Not as of right now but it’s definitely planned to be in competition. Good competition is always fun and harmless.”

J: What are your goals for Delirium, Stallion, Trojan, and DC as a whole for 2020?

P: “To get each one ready for a split to further grow mobile and pc within the community of XGN.”

J: What are your personal goals for your own XGN career in 2020? What is the biggest thing you’d like to accomplish?

P: “Personally to just grow my division. By 2021, I’d love to split my division and become a Director. It’s my biggest dream. Not many people are able to say they’ve split a division in XGN and I want to be one of the few. So 2020 is just growing DC to be the best it can be.”

J: What has been the toughest thing you’ve faced as a DIVL?

P: “Probably finding good staff for Delirium. With recruiting being so hard down here it’s not so easy to recruit so many people and find those willing people to rank up.”

J: What is the best piece of advice you can give to a DIVL who has squads in their division on the verge of a split?

P: “To make sure the staff are still keeping on their squad to host activities within their division. Just cause you’re on the verge of a split doesn’t mean it’s time to be lazy. Also make sure the staff are excited. People get to move up after a split, positions open allowing people to move up, and the division grows allowing for more members to join. It’s an exciting time and means your work has paid off.”

J: Who is your biggest mentor that you believe helped you get you where you are today?

P: “I’d have to say it’s definitely Oreo, sadly while what happened, happened, we can all agree he was an amazing leader. He personally requested to oversee our division because he wanted to see it grow and not die off like the last division. He wanted to personally help myself and the Division Leader at the time grow this division. I’d thank him personally for helping us get things in order.”

J: What is something you would want people to know about you?

P: “I do honestly care for everyone in this community whether they’re XS or XGN. I want everyone to strive. I hate seeing people fall to the blacklisted communities because of these bad experiences. Once I get this division split in the future, I do personally want to move up in the ranks and make sure as much as possible that we do not have anymore people fall to the blacklisted communities. I want to see everyone grow and not end up wasting their time harassing our members. I do not plan on leaving any time soon.”

As you can see, XGN Papa 7XS has big goals for the future of Damaged Chaos and for himself as well. I personally can’t wait to see this man do great things for the future of mobile gaming within Xiled Gaming Network. Congratulations DC on your split of Delirium, and welcome Stallion squad!


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