Article By: XGN Arya VII

Hey everyone! It is my greatest pleasure as part of the News Team to bring some amazing news. XGN Xposed 7 has been promoted to Division Leader. We needed to get the inside info on this very special person. He has been hard working and showing everyone what he is capable of. So without further ado please join me as I interview XGN XPOSED 7, which went a little like this:

1: When did you join XS?

A: “I joined in April of 2018. Back then it was just XGN though.”

2: What was your original squad/division?

A: “My original squad was Panzer in BoS, I’ve been in BoS ever since.”

3: What made you want to rank up?

A: “We well about 3 months after I joined our division went through a rough time. We lost a lot of leadership in the division. I ultimately just wanted to help rebuild.”

4: Is there anyone that you saw as a role model?

A: “I wouldn’t necessarily say a role model. There were a couple people that were good for going to for advice in XGN. During my early days XGN FRED was always able to help me up till I became a cofo. After that all the way till I became a div lead and still now I’d find myself mostly going to XGN HYPE 7 for advice.”

5: What difficulties did you face ranking up?

A: “The biggest difficulty I faced when ranking up was finding someone motivated to take my spot. We were stretched so thin back then that I always had to find someone to move up in my stead before hand.”

6: Did you think you would get to your current rank?

A: “When I was in squad staff I felt like it was an impossible goal. It just seems so far away from that point of view. After working my way through to div staff I realized it was a lot more obtainable. I think the biggest struggle of getting to this rank is first making it out of squad staff.”

7: What do you want others to know about the person behind the gamer tag?

A: “I would want them to know I’m just another person behind the screen. I’m a normal 20 year old guy. I work full time and go to school outside of XGN like most people. I think people get too caught up in rank sometimes. We are all here for the same thing in the end. To enjoy the gaming experience to its fullest.”

8: What do you find most rewarding about ranking up?

A: “Being able to help more and more with each rank. You get to mentor and teach the people below you how to fulfill their position to the best of their ability. In doing this they are able to make others enjoy their stay here. In the end I do this because I like seeing the members happy.”

9: What do you find most challenging?

A: “I find it most challenging to balance my online and offline life. I think I do a pretty good job the majority of the time though. Even so it tends to become difficult to balance my job/college and XGN. Which is why I think it’s important to train those under you to the best of your ability. This allows them to take control when you are unavailable.”

10: Are there any last thoughts/advice to others who aspire to rank up?

A: “Some advice I’d give to those looking to rank up is that you shouldn’t just meet the bare minimum. Shoot to exceed expectations, that’s the best way to catch peoples eye.”

There you have it folks! Another awesome interview of another amazing leader within Xiled Syndicate. There have been many great leaders within this amazing community and we are very honored to have been able to witness it. So on behalf of the news team, XS and XGN, congratulations to you sir and we hope to see where you go in the future!