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Multitasking is how we all handle our careers within Xiled Syndicate. Some of us work on balancing High School or College with our duties, others may balance a full time job or being a parent while working within XS. Along with these members, we have members who are balancing the ultimate task, military duties and their career with Xiled Syndicate.

I’ve known XGN RustyYew, aka XGN RustableYew, for at least 5 years now. A stand up guy, who puts 100% into everything he does. We had lost touch for a couple of years, but we recently connected again and that is when I found out that he had made the decision to enlist in the United States Navy. Rusty has recently joined back to Xiled Gaming Network as an SSG in the Legacy Squad of Game or Die.

What makes things even more interesting in this aspect, while Rusty is getting back into gaming, streaming, and content creation, he’s doing it while on active orders at sea! That’s right, XGN RustyYew is currently aboard the forward deployed USS Ronald Reagan based in Yokosuka, Japan. I had the chance to chat with Rusty a bit, to catch up and find out what it’s like to be a gamer while on active duty abroad.
Caption: The USS Ronald Reagan, Nimitz class, nuclear powered supercarrier of the US Navy.

When did you originally join XGN, how long have you been with the community?

Rusty: “The first time I joined XGN was in September of 2013 and left early 2018 but now I’m back and have been back for about 2 weeks.”

When you originally joined, what was your first Division and Squad?

Rusty: “Honor DoH.”

What happened in your life where you made the decision to enlist in the Navy?

Rusty: “I was going down a wrong road in my life, and needed to get away from it, and wanted to travel.”

Being that you are stationed abroad on a supercarrier, how do you actually game?

Rusty: “I normally rent a hotel for the weekend, or go to a Internet cafe.”

You were allowed to bring your own console/PC with you when you left?

Rusty: “Yea, I brought all my gaming stuff with me.”

Now the question that all gamers speculate about, lol. Obviously we know that Call of Duty does NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to actually being in the military, but how would you compare the “realness” of CoD to your experience in the military so far?

Rusty: “Actually I wouldn’t compare it at all, it’s on a completely different level. The bond between everyone you work with is absolutely insane. You always have each other’s backs.”

What made you want to join back to XGN? Do you really have a lot of down time being stationed where you are?

Rusty: “I miss the family and the people I knew from the first time. I have some free time, but not a lot. Days are usually long due to us being a Forward Deployed Aircraft Carrier.”

Without giving exact specifics [for security], what is your day to day like?

Rusty: “I get up, go to work, report to my workshop for quarters, and then we start our maintenance we have to do for the day. I’m a TPX-42 tech, so most of my maintenance relates to that system. Then after maintenance we go home.”

Since you are trying to get back into streaming, what games are you focusing on with your streams? Are your steams console specific?

Rusty: “My streams will be both PC and Xbox games. So games like; Rust, Fortnite, COD:MW, DayZ, Escape From Tarkov.”

Do you think you have any type of hardships you may face in terms of consistency? Like issues with connection, obtaining games, getting new equipment, finding the time to stream or play?

Rusty: “Connection is a big issue, but I manage to work around it. Other than that, I don’t have any problems.”

What is your ultimate goal with your streaming?

Rusty: “I want to find a great fan base that enjoys my content and can come play some games with me, either on PC or Xbox.”

Quick, what’s your favorite go to gaming snack?

Rusty: “Mtn Dew and Doritos,”

You’re in it for those reward points aren’t you? lol

Rusty: “Who isn’t lol.”

Do you have any advice for members that might be new to streaming or content creation? What advice can you give others who might be balancing military duty and gaming also?

Rusty: “My best advice is; you don’t need all the fancy gear or graphics to build a fan base. It’s all about connection with your fans. For the military, it’s just however your schedule works. I use streaming and gaming to manage my stress from work.”

Thank you so much Rusty, it was great to be able to connect with you again just like old times. You guys can follow XGN RustyYew to check out his streams and videos, links are dropped below. Stay safe out there Rusty & good luck with your streams, we definitely look forward to seeing what comes next from you!

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Want to learn more about the USS Ronald Reagan? Check out their official website!


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