Article By: XGN Ellie 7

Today was a super cool day to learn more about one of the newest Division Leaders in XGN! Today I got to interview XGN Rory Sama 7 on his promotion to Div-Lead here in GoD!

Ellie 7: When did you first join XGN?

Rory: “05/11/2017.”

Ellie 7: Did you ever see yourself coming this far?

Rory: “When I joined I really liked the structure of the community and was immediately interested in moving up. I initially didn’t think I would make it to running a division but as I continued to learn Leadership skills and more that XGN has to offer I had set myself a Goal to make it to Director+ when I hit General.”

Ellie 7: What are some goals you want to achieve for your division (GoD)?

Rory: “The goal that me and my team are working towards is for GoD to be the next division to gain flagship and then split.”

Ellie 7: What’s your favorite thing about being a Division Leader?

Rory: “I think that being a Div-Lead in this community has shown how much I’ve grown as far as people skills and leadership qualities since I joined the community, and also shows where I have to grow and that in part with just getting to know so many great people is what I like about being a Division Leader.”

Ellie 7: Do you have any advice for lower ranking members that are wanting to move into a leadership position eventually?

Rory: “The advice I can give is, Ask your leadership for advice, ask them questions. I’m sure any leader would love to answer questions to help someone achieve what they want out of their path. Never be comfortable with what you have currently, Always work towards that next goal. Always strive to be better and to help those around you. And lastly never give up.”

Rory is a super cool guy, and I think he’s really worked hard to get to the position he’s in now. I can’t wait to see this Division Split and see where XGN Rory Sama 7 goes from there! Congratulations on Division Leader, Rory!


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