Article By: XGN WagWan, XS News Writer

First off, I want to congratulate XGN Papa 7XS on his promotion to Division Leader over the mobile division, Damaged Chaos, in XGN. I got the chance to speak to XGN Papa 7XS about his career in XGN. I hope you enjoy the interview below.

WW: When did you join XGN?

P: “I joined the mobile div unofficially back in October and then officially by joining a console division BoS in November.”

WW: What are a few things you want people to know about you?

P: “I want people to know that I am determined to show the community that the Mobile Division can be just as big, and as strong as every other division here.”

WW: Have XGN values or traditions, morals or ethics ever had an impact on your personal life?

P: “I couldn’t really say that mostly due to the fact I’ve always generally followed the same values and such. Although it has allowed me to better understand the Chain of Command of places I work, especially my new job where we have a Supervisor, Store Manager, District Manager, Division Manager, & Regional Manager. Which in my eyes can be seen as the supervisors being the Senior Officer Staff, Store Manager being the Co-Founder, District Manager being the Founder, Division Manager obviously being the Division Leader, and the Regional Manager being the Director we have here.”

WW: What achievements or accolades have you earned here?

P:  “Well some things I’ve earned would be LDP Masters for one, and then finally the rank of Division Leader. Besides those I’ve also just earned the ability to help other members rank up and earn some responsibility.”

WW: How have you, or how do you plan to better this community?

P: “I plan to help better this community by providing a strong Mobile Division.”

WW: If you could change anything about XGN, what would it be?

P: “I honestly don’t think I would change anything, unless I had the ability to just appear people into the community capable of holding such positions.”

WW: Has anyone inspired you to become a Div. Leader?

P: “Someone did. Someone did. I’d like to think my division inspired me. My members.”

WW: When you first joined XGN, what were your first thoughts?

P: “I thought it was crazy. I knew communities existed like this but never knew they could be as successful as this. Before I always had played games by myself. Games like Battlefield and such. Now when I joined the console division, I still did generally play it by myself but that was mainly due to the fact no one in the world didn’t like it generally because of the game’s history with marketing and such. For those who did play every other single game there were many people there to play with them and it was great. Seeing everyone go for rank in the division and actually work hard.”

WW: Did/do you have a mentor? What have you learned from them that you hope to pass down to others?

P: “I didn’t exactly have a mentor coming up to be honest. I didn’t even really come up as most people know. From the console division as a SGT, I went straight to Co-Div having to figure out as much as I could by myself with the help of higher ups when I asked questions. Which btw I know some think that’s silly and unfair but I always like to look at it as if a community was being added to XS but at div level instead. I think someone who really did end up helping though was Oreo when he went ahead and requested our division to be one of his divisions from Is. He’s really helped when it came to any questions or any advice, I would need which typically could be a decent bit.”

There we have it! XGN Papa 7XS is now the Division Leader of the only mobile division in XS. I can not wait to see what papa can do for Damaged Chaos, Xiled Gaming Network, and Xiled Syndicate!


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