Article By: FGN Empress VII

Through the few years that I’ve been in XS I have seen many people come and go. Many of the leaders worked and helped Xiled Syndicate a better place. That being said there have been a few major changes within our great communities. Please join me and the XS News Team in interviewing XGN’s very own XGN Oreo 7 on his recent promotion to CSO! The interview commenced like this:

E: How long have you been in XS?

O: “I have been in XS since the beginning, however my membership with XGN has been for many years now, originally from 2014.”


E: What made you decide to rank up?

O: “I wanted to help, I knew that if I wanted to do more and ranking up has more access to helping more people.”


E: What’s the hardest thing about being the rank you are?

O: “A lot of people look up to me so it sometimes makes you realize how much people rely on you do to do your part.”


E: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

O: “I cannot simply pin it all down on one thing, I have been through a lot, the good, the bad. However it has made me the leader I am today.”


E: What do you want others to know about you the person behind the gt?

O: “I am not Posh.”


E: As time progresses what do you plan on helping to further XS?

O: “The progression of ensuring that when members join they have fun and enjoy their time without worrying about other stuff.”


E: Do you have any reservations about your new rank?

O: “I wanna see squads splitting from left, right and centre. I wanna see hard working leaders split their squads. I wanna see divisions succeed.”


E: What advice do you have for others as they continue to grow within each of the communities?

O: “Loyalty and Dedication, there were many times where I felt like leaving because times were hard. However sticking through is what defines a leader!”


E: With your promotion what would you like our members to know about what it takes to become leaders?

O: “Everyone is unique and has that quality in their own way, it is all about finding it and using it to its best and highest capabilities.”


E: Are there any last thoughts or advice you’d like to add for our members?

O: “Enjoy what you have now and cherish was comes your way in your future.”

With all that being said I want to thank XGN Oreo 7 for his time and dedication to Xiled Syndicate. We want to wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors. Congratulations Oreo, we will continue to watch out for you and the work you do!


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