Article By: XGN Ellie 7

Hello everyone! Today I got to interview a good friend of mine. XGN JUGGALO VII is an amazing leader that constantly strives to better himself as a leader and his division, Game or Die. Back in November, he received the honor of being on the Xiled Gaming Network Hall of Fame!

Ellie 7: When did you first join Xiled Gaming Network?

Juggalo VII: “8-26-17.”

Ellie 7: Out of all of the titles / ranks you’ve held, which was your favorite? 

Juggalo VII:  “General or Division Leader.”

Ellie 7: Did you think you would ever make it to the Hall of Fame?

Juggalo VII: “I truly wanted to and wasn’t sure if I ever would, but I see now all the hard work and dedication finally paid off and it’s a great accomplishment.”

Ellie 7: Do you have a mentor that you look to for advice?

Juggalo VII: “Mainly XGN Almighty 7.”

Ellie 7: What is one thing you would want members to know about you?

Juggalo VII: “I’m very hard working, always here to help anyone who needs or wants it, also always fully dedicated to the advancement of XGN.”

Ellie 7: Do you have any advice for new recruits just joining XS / XGN?

Juggalo VII:  “Be patient, learn the ranks as you go, do not try to rush through the ranks it will pay off in the end trust me! Always have fun, enjoy the people you meet in this community because I can honestly tell you I have met some of the greatest people in this community! Don’t be so willing to give up!”

There you have it folks, XGN JUGGALO VII, one of the most recent inductees into the Xiled Gaming Network Hall of Fame! This is a huge accomplishment within our community, and I am very honored to have interviewed him. Congratulations Juggalo!


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