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Promotions in Xiled Gaming Network are happening daily, but there are also very special promotions that don’t happen frequently, such as this one. Today I sat down with XGN JUGGALO VII on his promotion to Director, and being the Director over GoD. He has done a tremendous job at running his Division and bringing it to where it is today. Congratulations on the promotion JUGGALO VII!

N: Could you introduce yourself to the readers?
“I’m XGN JUGGALO VII. I am a Director, I oversee GoD, and as of right now I am the acting Div Leader of GoD as well.”

N: When did you join XGN?
“I joined XGN on August 16th 2017.”

N: What did you think of XGN when you first joined?
“When I first joined, I had a rough introduction, but I wanted to change that. So I stuck around to make changes for the best.”

N: What attracted you to XGN in the beginning?
“I think what attracted me in the beginning was wanting to be a part of a big family, and knowing more people to play with all the time.”

N: What advice would you give someone who is interested in the position you are?
“The advice I would give someone that wants to be a Director, is to find a good mentor, and mind your pees and ques. Keep your nose clean and do your job to the best of your ability.”

N: What is the hardest part of being a Director?
“In my opinion the hardest part of being a Director is probably the change from doing absolutely everything you can for a Division, to just being an advisor. It’s a big transition.”

N: What are your main responsibilities as a Director, and what is a typical day for you now?
“Overseeing everything, we all help each other out and help the Division Leaders if they need it. Help with questions in Hells Pit for Founders to go to Co-Division Leader, also being an acting Division Leader where I’m mentoring the Co-Division Leader of GoD become the best Division Leader he can be.”

N: What are valuable lessons or skills you have learned while in XGN?
“It’s absolutely awesome, I have loved every minute of the big family and even in the hard times it makes you a better leader.”

N: If you did everything over, would you change anything?
“If I had the chance to do it over I probably would because I believe I did everything to the best of my ability.”

N: Anything else you would like to say to everyone?
“I hope to work with everyone at one point and to follow your dream. You can do anything with hard work, dedication, and the right group of people to help you. My time here has been amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

XGN JUGGALO VII has been there and done that, I see him as an amazing role model to follow and has started the next chapter in his career as the Director over GoD. He strives to be the best he can and does not let things get in his way. He has helped get GoD to where it is and for making it such an amazing Division. I want to give a big thank you to him for making time to do this interview with me, and again a congratulations to him.


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