Hey, guys! So this article is very overdue, but never too late to say congratulations! A few weeks ago, XGN announced a few promotions. One of them being XGN iiKiLLL 7XS to Division Leader! His Leadership skills are amazing and I cannot wait to see where his new position will take him!

Ellie: “When did you first join XGN?”

iKill: “June 15, 2017 recruited and trained by XGN Snow 7”

Ellie: “When you first joined and started moving into staff, did you ever think you’d make it to Division Leader?”

iKill: “No. I never even thought I’d make it to General. I mainly joined just to play Destiny. I realized quickly after I joined that I was eager to rank up.”

Ellie: “Do you have any XGN goals currently?”

iKill: “I’d like to split GoD, eventually. I also want to see my staff below me be in my position one day.”

Ellie: “Do you have any advice for newer members who are just moving into staff positions?”

iKill: “Mentorship. Be close with your staff members, and hanging out in game nights and social nights. Also, the Leadership Development Program is very useful while ranking up, and it also teaches you skills you can use in real life situations”

Ellie: “Do you have a mentor currently? If so, what’s one thing you have learned from them that could be applied to all members?”

iKill: “Yes, XGN JUGGALO VII. He’s really taught me to treat everyone with respect and as an equal, and to remember it’s not about the numbers but about the members. He showed me that everyone in XGN is on the same team.”

Ellie: “When GoD splits, what advice do you have to give to the next leaders of GoD and the new division?”

iKill: “Keep going in the same path they were on before the split. Keep doing what we’re doing now. Make it your own division, but keep the same goal. Be there for all of our members equally, and treat everyone like family.”

XGN iiKiLLL 7XS is a super great leader. I cannot wait to see how GoD grows under his leadership! Congratulations again, iKill! You deserve it!