XGN HELL5FURY 7 was recruited in 2014 and since then, XGN hasn’t been the same. HELL5FURY (or HELL5FURRY depending on who you ask), is a lot of things, from a leader, friend, and an idol he as impacted all members he has come in contact with. From bounding through the ranks, being promoted to division leader in 2015, to Director, SNDR, CoS in 2016, to COO in 2017, and now finally, VP in 2018 HELL5FURY has never stopped being someone who would bend over backward for you. Focusing on education and helping people be the best leader on and off the internet, he has brought up so many great leaders today; he continues to push what leadership and friendship means on a daily basis. From the years he has been here, he has always helped us, XS. But now, HELL5FURY needs your help.

Below, there is a short excerpt from his GOFUNDME page which gives more information and how to help. 

“Unfortunately, HELL5FURY has fallen into a medical crisis and although not obligated we appreciate ALL members that take it upon themselves to donate to support the cause. To be more detailed, he has a herniated disc in his back that has torn his Sciatica Nerve. He’s backed up charges for hospital visits, and physical therapy visits and now must have MRI done, these alone will cost $2,000.”

Again, donating is not obligated what so ever. If you cannot donate, please then share the GOFUNDME with other XS or XS supporters. XS leadership wants to thank you all again for your continuous support through thick and thin. For everyone who has donated already, thank you!

The link to the GOFUNDME page is **HERE**


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