Article By: XGN Ellie 7 

Today I had the chance of interviewing a very good leader in Xiled Gaming Network! XGN Snow 7 has achieved a lot within the community and his latest achievement being splitting a squad! He was general over Carnage and has now split into GoD’s newest squad, Agony! Let’s see what Snow has to say!

Ellie 7: “What would you say was your biggest obstacle to overcome in Carnage?”

Snow 7: “The staff and activity I was given when I got General. I overcame it by constantly doing game nights, bringing my squad in general and inviting randoms for some recruits. I lucked out bringing in great people that moved up in staff and it was a big factor in helping the squad.”

Ellie 7: “Who is over Carnage and Agony now?”

Snow 7:“ XGN Turtle X over Agony and XGN Firekat is over Carnage.”

Ellie 7: “What are your main goals for Carnage and Agony as of now?”

Snow 7: “I want them both to grow and split their squads. They both have great leadership to do it.”

Ellie 7: “Are you enjoying being a Co-Founder so far?”

Snow 7: “No. XD”

Ellie 7: “What’s your favorite thing about being a Co-Founder in GoD?”

Snow 7: “Being able to hop in the the squad chats in the server for the division.”

Ellie 7: “In your opinion, what’s the hardest thing about being a Co-Founder?”

Snow 7: “Getting out of the general mindset of being so hands on with the squad and just sitting back.”

Ellie 7: “Do you have any advice for leaders (or future leaders) on splitting a squad?”

Snow 7:“Build a good relationship within your squad. I believe in having good morale and spending time with your squad, it’ll come eventually.”

Well, guys, I am super proud of this entire division and how far it’s come! I think GoD is doing just amazing and I am super proud of XGN Snow 7 for splitting this squad. If you guys see him around be sure to congratulate him on his promotion to CO-FO and also to congratulate XGN FireKat 7 and XGN Turtle X on their promotions to General!

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