By Cassie

I recently got the chance to sit down and talk to XGN Gamma VII and interview him. XGN Ish 7, has been wanting an XS Spotlight for him for a while; since MAJ. Gamma has shown extreme dedication to Xiled Syndicate, and it shows throughout the entirety of us. Below, are my questions with his interesting answers.

“What’s your current rank?”

“I’m currently the co-div of PS.”

“How long have you been in XGN for?”

“I joined XGN on March 3, 201,8 as a rejoin; my original run was Assault, WaG back in 2016.”

“Why did you join XGN?”

“I joined XGN originally just to have people to play Monster Hunter with and hang out in parties with. I had just gotten a PS4 and had like 3 friends on it.”

“Who has inspired you in XGN and how?”

“My inspiration comes from my mentor, XGN Eraserhead, XGN Boris, and several board members, including Ish 7, and Bluedream 7.”

“Do you have any advice for up and coming members?”

“My advice for a new and upcoming member is, you get out what you put in. If you join and ghost, chances are you’re gonna slip. But if you make your face known, everyone will know you.”

“What is your goal in XGN?”

“My goal in XGN is to build the PlayStation side past just one division. We have been the underdog for too long, It’s time to be large and in charge.”

“If someone wanted to game with you, what would be your favorite games you’re into right now?”

“My current games include Destiny 2, and Monster Hunter World. I’m almost always on D2, I’ve put in way more hours than I care to admit.”

“What are a few things you would like people to know about you?”

“I’m a pretty laid back guy, regardless of the rank by my name. I’m always down to give advice, and I like to consider myself pretty approachable.”

“What do you find most challenging at being a member at your rank?”

“The biggest challenge at my rank is maintaining my distance from squad duties, I am so used to doing almost everything and it’s tough to sit back and not do anything, like security checks or RS’s.”

“What did you think of XGN when you first joined?”

“When I first joined? Well, that’s two-fold. When I first joined WaG it was a little rough around the edges. PS though, was a complete 180: calm, laidback. We had like 20 members, but we were all confident we could bring it back, it wasn’t until I actually got up in ranks that I understood what XGN was all about.”

“Tell us something you think other communities don’t know about XGN.”

“We aren’t here to make enemies, be it large organizations, or individuals.”

“How do you think recruiting, training, and promotions are different from Xbox to PlayStation?”
“Honestly, PlayStation has less to add than Xbox, like the Club an XS Tag. Short of that, maintaining 300+ people has proven challenging enough that I haven’t really studied up on the Xbox side of things, but that’s something I plan to change in the near future.”

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