Article By: XGN Max

First off I would like to congratulate XGN Cobra 7XS on his promotion to Co Founder in Triple Helix. Cobra has been working very very hard in splitting Xenon into Carbon, and has deserved to become the rank of Co Founder.

Q: What is your current Rank?

Answer: “Co-Founder in TH.”

Q: How long have u been in XGN For?

Answer: “1 year and 3 months.”

Q: How would you describe Triple Helix in 3 words?

Answer: “Evolving, adaptable, strong.”

Q: Do you have any advice for any new and up coming members?

Answer: “Do your best and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.”

Q: How does it feel now that you’re a Co Founder?

Answer: “Exhilarating. This was one of my biggest goals to accomplish; to split a squad and earn the rank of COFO. I feel like I have an even deeper involvement in the community now, and I can do so much to help others, which is all I really want to do.”

Q: Why did you Join XGN?

Answer: “I love to play games, and the idea of a community of gamers just playing without the demands of always being available sounded incredible. But then I found out about the real meaning of the community aspect of XGN. I joined for games, I stayed for the community.”

Q: What has been the hardest rank in XGN that you have been and why?

Answer: “Up until now, General. Being General is a 24/7 job, in my opinion, at least if you’re doing it right.”

Q: “Who do you think recommended you for an XS Spotlight and Why?”

Answer: “My guess is my Division Leader, XGN Mag 7, likely for all the work I put into TH to help it grow. But who knows, I could be wrong. It’s hard to tell, I didn’t exactly join XGN to make enemies. So it could be anyone.”


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