Article By: FGN Empress VII

There comes a point in every leaders’ career in Xiled Syndicate when they have the opportunity to receive the highly honored 7 in their gamertag. As we all know the 7 in a members gamertag indicates that the member has done something great within the community, which is an honorary namesake that pays homage to the 7 founding fathers of XGN. One such member is XGN Cobra 7XS, who has not only just split his squad Xenon into Carbon but also became the newest Co-Founder in Triple Helix! Please join me and the news team as we interview Mr. Cobra on his great achievement in receiving such an honor:

What does the 7 mean to you? 

“To me, the 7 or VII is a distinguishing characteristic of leadership and accomplishment, awarded only to those who give it their all and truly go above and beyond for XGN and XS.”

Was the test very hard? 

“You have to be truly dedicated to XGN and the knowledge of it to negotiate this test.”

Did you have doubts that you would actually get your 7? 

“There were plenty of times I wondered if the time would ever come. But I always had a thought in my mind that I would definitely earn it when the time came. I know how hard I worked to get here and I never doubted myself.”

What was the biggest challenge you faced on the way? 

“Standing the test of time. They say that time can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. That’s no joke.”

How many times did you study to prepare?

“I lost count. I really devoted myself to the community to get here.”

When you were being tested were you worried about the difficulty of the test? 

“Every time a question was about to be asked, I certainly had concerns. You never know 100% what’s going to happen next.”

Would you recommend others to do their best to obtain this honor? Why? 

“I absolutely would recommend anyone to work hard to attain a 7. Some folks likely think it’s just a number. But I didn’t get it to command respect. It was one of my goals to work hard and obtain this. I never quit.”

When did you decide that you wanted to get your 7? 

“Before I’d even become a MSG, I knew I wanted to get a 7. Not just anyone gets it.”

What do you hope to accomplish now that you’ve earned your 7? 

“My next goal is to work hard enough to become DIV-LDR or DIR, I work in the Criminal Justice field professionally and I know that this field is dangerous and very time-consuming. Becoming one of those ranks (or higher) would allow me to retire to the Council of Leaders or Council of Elders so I can always be in XGN, whether or not I have the time.”

Are there any last thoughts/advice you’d like to leave us with? 

“This is a marathon. Not a sprint race. Don’t buckle yourself trying to speed through it. Focus on the task in front of you and give it your best. Good things come to those who work hard in XGN. And I can’t  overlook the folks that helped me get here. XGN Kiwis 7, XGN Mag 7, XGN King 7 have been incredible people to me. But then you’ve got guys like XGN bobmhac XS and XGN RAYDEN XS. Guys that ended up becoming friends of mine. Real connections. They’ve been immensely helpful and invaluable to me. XGN Mahiraku is the only real-life friend to be recruited into this community by me. He’s my bro. Love these guys. Oh, and Believe In The Shield.”

So there you have it folks the honorary 7 has been bestowed upon another very deserving member. On behalf of the news team I want to congratulate XGN Cobra 7XS on receiving his 7! I personally look forward to seeing what this hard working member has in store for us here in XS. We all hope to see you reach even greater heights as we continue to grow our amazing communities. Good luck in all you do and we hope to see you go to even greater heights.


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