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There comes a time when a member becomes a leader. When you decide it’s time to step up to help others within our communities. Well here is one of those leaders who has done just that. XGN bobmhac XS has stepped up to the plate and become a brand new General in Triple Helix. He was the cop of none other than xenon when the squad split into Carbon. I had the amazing opportunity to chat with him and get his take on things. His interview went something like this:

What made you join XGN?

“I was playing Dead Space 3 co-op with an XGN member almost every night for about 3 weeks. We’d talk about the community. He extended the offer to join. At first I was hesitant, as I didn’t think I’d have the time for it. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I missed the community aspect I enjoyed back in the days when I played MMOs on PC. So here I am!”

Did you want to rank up? Why or why not?

“I didn’t initially, as I didn’t want to over extend myself. However, I enjoyed giving back to the community and once I got into staff it ended up becoming a significant part of my life. It was never about getting the next rank, but about having the authority to be able to do what I saw needing to be done.”

What challenges did you face ranking up?

“In addition to the typical difficulties one faces while being staff, we also had a struggling squad due to lack of personnel in senior staff for a long period of time. However, things eventually worked out as I became part of that senior staff!”

Was there anyone who you modeled yourself after or looked up to?

“I’d have to say the single most influential person for me is HELL5FURY. After going through the Leadership Development Masters program, I saw how important that aspect of the community was. Eventually I made my way back to LDP as staff, and found myself adopting more and more of his persona with regard to teaching future leaders. I finally realized this when someone during a LDP workshop actually mistook me for HELL5 when asking a question. He is an amazing mentor, and the legacy he’s built in XS will allow us to prosper well after he’s passed on his mantle.”

What did you hope to accomplish within XS?

“I don’t really have any solid ambitions within XS. Everything I’ve accomplished were things I saw that needed doing at the time, or something I wanted to participate in. At this point, I just want to be a good GEN to my squad and help improve future leaders in our communities. What the future holds, I can’t say.”

What are your plans for your squad?

“Grow and prosper! We just split from a squad not too long ago, and we hit the ground running!”

If you could change anything would you?

“That Xbox Live would work more consistently and reliably. Most of my double checking is due to XBL glitches.”

What is something you want others to know about you?

“I prefer co-op games.”

How well is your squad doing so far?

“Pretty well! I’ve got an amazing staff with me! We’ve been growing consistently, and our education and mentor-ship program run by XGN Luna V2 has really helped with staff development!”

Is there anything you’d like to leave with us like final thoughts or advice to others?

“I’d like to give a shout out to XGN Cobra 7XS and XGN RAYDEN XS. We made a great team in my previous squad, and all the hard work us and our staff put into splitting that squad is what led to the opportunity for me to become GEN. Believe in the Shield! Long Live XS!”

There you have it! From the very mouth of such an amazing leader within XS! Congratulations on helping xenon split into Carbon and becoming a general! We thank you for all you do as well as look forward to all your future endeavors! We will definitely keep an eye out for even greater things to come!


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