Article By: Jessi 7XS

Following on the heels of The Xiled Ones, Xiled Syndicate’s inaugural community, Xiled Gaming Network, has become XS Community of the Week for the 2nd week in a row! Since Xiled Gaming Network’s beginning in 2010, the main goal has always been to provide gamers with a safe and fun community, to build long and lasting friendships.

XGN has only continued to grow since then. Over the past 9 years, we have seen many great leaders come up through the ranks to become esteemed members of the XGN & XS Board of Directors. One of these leaders is XGN’s very own Chief of Operations, XGN Orion 7XS, or as many may remember him, XGN Jager 7. I had a short chat with Orion, to ask him what he believes has contributed to XGN’s continued success.

“Honestly? I would have to say when XGN is knocked down it always bounces back. We took a pretty big hit losing around 800 members, but the divisions have been coming back with one hell of a vengeance. You’d be surprised how well XGN tackles a challenge. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In a way, that hardship helped us move forward by giving them a reason to fight.” 

When asked what change he would make with XGN to help better improve the community, he answered; “It would be to introduce a welcoming team to each squad, with the responsibility of introducing new members to others and different aspects of squad life; to better help them get acquainted and better improve our membership retention.”

We all know well that the community would not be able to function without its dedicated members at the Division and Squad level as well. For example, XGN Belle 7, the Co Division Leader of Walking Amongst Gods Xbox Division. XGN Belle 7 not only dedicates herself to WAG and its members, she is also the Co-Leader of XS Events. When asked what her reaction to the news was, she did not even hesitate to answer.

“Definitely proud. We’ve cleared out all of our inactives, and us achieving this is showing that we are regrowing as a community, and we’re doing it well. Not only once but twice. I hope everybody’s positive progression continues!”

When asked what her plans are to help shape the future of XGN; “Continue working on my division and building it to continue its success. As well as this, continue working in my role as the Events Co Head to provide activities such as Tournaments, League, Gamenights and Division Warfare. To provide a fun gaming experience for the whole community and a chance for members to meet people outside of their squad/division/community. I also do my small part to help everybody out when I can. For example, today I sat in a train in with a new MSG in another division as we were in a party together and their staff weren’t on to sit in.”

Even this goes to show that leaders of XGN are willing to go that extra mile to help members in other areas. I had a chance to speak to another couple members at the squad level as well.

J: What has been the best part of your XGN experience so far?
“Being an MSG was my favorite part. I really loved being able to be that energetic person who welcomed them in and see that since I was so nice and welcoming, they would be excited to see me in parties. Knowing that people are happy to have me around because I helped them, makes me feel better about the stuff that’s going on.” XGN SWAVY, MSG, Brotherhood of Steel

J: What does XGN mean to you?
“XGN means family. It means helping people grow, to blossom. It means no matter the situation, the scenario, we always have each others backs. Regardless of race, of sexuality, ect., we’re family.” – XGN Cl4pTr4p, 1CPT, Devil’s Rejects

Coming from myself, I started my journey with Xiled Gaming Network in April of 2014. I have been through so many ups and downs, so many changes, so much adversity. The one thing that has always remained constant, was the family aspect of this community. No matter what was thrown my way, I’ve always had someone cheering me on. Even better, I’ve been able to be a mentor for so many other people. To this day I still have members who reach out to tell me that they look up to me, which is such a great feeling. I’m so glad to be able to help out other members, and to be someone that they can look up to.

Congratulations Xiled Gaming Network for being Xiled Syndicate’s Community of the Week for a second week in a row. I could not be more proud of my home community, and to see the great leaders that are coming up in the ranks.

The biggest thank you however, goes not only to our amazing Board of Directors, but to the man himself, Mr. XGN. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for keeping your goals and your vision alive, day after day, and year after year.


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