Article By: Jessi 7XS

July 7th, 2010….a day that will forever be in the history books of gaming. On this day, 7 leaders came together with the intention to create a community for gamers of all abilities, where they would be able to make new lasting friendships, and most of all feel safe. The founding fathers of Xiled Gaming Network were led by none other than Mr XGN himself.

Mr XGN’s vision has become more than just that of a gaming community, it has evolved into a gaming powerhouse. 9 years after launching XGN came the launch of Xiled Syndicate, Mr XGN sought to bring more communities together under one roof to further his vision of creating a safe, fun, and exciting place for gamers.

On today, the 10th anniversary of Xiled Gaming Network I had the honor of reaching out to XGN Orion 7, the President of XGN. I was able to ask him a couple questions, to get his perspective on the community and his time here thus far.

How did it feel to be promoted to be the President of XGN? What was the process like to become President?

“It has been a long, painful, frustrating ride. People have tried my patience and, time and time again, I’ve had to learn to rise above it. There wasn’t really a process to it. It was a case of just being the person to go to. You need to know the answers to issues before they arise, sometimes, and you need to be able to anticipate issues and act accordingly.
Every day is a new challenge and I like to think, thus far, with the help of too many friends and colleagues to name, we’ve overcome every obstacle. Being President isn’t about being the one that directs everything, it’s about being the one that helps others learn to direct themselves to the point that you’re primarily here for advice and knowledge when your staff hits a roadblock and, again, thus far my staff has been exemplary.”

What are your current goals for XGN?

“My goals are simple, and I mean that on more than one level. I want to make things easy for members to enjoy in Xiled Gaming Network. I want to simplify our handbook and make already plain issues easier for members to understand. I want to work on our policies to make them more readable. I want to, all in all, reduce the time it takes to understand the entirety if what it takes to be an officer and make everything so simple that anyone can handle learning to be an officer so the staff and members we have get the attention and gaming time they need and deserve without sacrificing the quality of an individual’s membership or the value of their Xiled experience.”

When you first joined XGN, did you ever envision coming this far within the community?

“When I first joined XGN I had no intention of rising through the ranks at all. It was only a month or so in that I decided to rank up. When I told my Major, I can’t forget the conversation we had.
“How far do you want to rank up?” He asked
“Lieutenant. I like the idea of being able to call it ‘Left Tenant'” I answered.
“Well, I’m going to train you to be the best Captain you can be.”
“Wait…I said Lieutenant?”
“I know.””

What is your best advice that you can give to members who are still within squad level?

“The best advice I can give anyone regardless of rank is that patience wins over all battles, large and small. The only reason I chose to continue ranking up is because I wanted to make a change. I always believed that if you don’t like where you’re at, get to the point you can make the change you want to see.
I’ve been Rank Suspended twice and asked to step down once, but I made a promise to myself to never give up on the members I recruited or those I was in charge of overseeing. I’ve split squads and a division and I’ve worked with others to make their dreams a reality. I’ve talked members through the tough times and I’ve shared the good with them. No matter how bad things might seem, if you have the patience and the attitude, you can reach any goal you set for yourself.”

Of course we had to speak to the legend himself, Mr XGN. Obviously being the Xiled King, he does have a tight schedule. While we weren’t able to catch up with him one on one for this article, we did catch his announcement to the XGN Community.

“Today is the the 10th Anniversary of the Xiled Gaming Network. This establishment was founded July 7th 2010 by myself and 6 other leaders. Seven people with wisdom to excel in order to enhance the experience of those around them.

Since Xiled Gaming Network started, it has attained a strong presence in the gaming community. The accomplishments that together XGN has achieved is simply remarkable. The countless milestones that we have obtained, the lives that this organization has affected, the relationships, friendships and emotions that exist solely because of XGN. Whether it be a friend or some sort of knowledge we’re confident that what we build here is impacting the lives of every member that joins.

People ask me all the time. “Did you know XGN would get this big” The answer is Yes, yes I did. Because it needed to be done. Our success was insured because it was needed. There was and still is no community like XGN. I created XGN because gamers deserve a place to call home, XGN was born for the members. Although a lot has changed over the last decade, the primary mission XGN was founded with remains. To give gamers a place to call home, a place to feel safe, a place to feel accepted. a place to learn, a place to help others learn and a gaming environment to create friendships that will likely last a lifetime.

The last 10 years of success for Xiled Gaming Network can be contributed to many significant factors, however the main reason for our success comes from YOU, the members of XGN. Without all of you, XGN would lack reason and not be what it is today.

Again, thank you to my fellow Founding Fathers, Board of Directors, Senior Directors, Department Staffs, Division Leaders, Division Staff, Squad Leaders and ALL the members, ex-members, sponsors and fans of Xiled Gaming Network. We exist solely because of you. This is OUR community and I’m excited to see what the next decade holds. Long Live XGN!”

For myself, I joined April 1st of 2014 in Deception NI. I’m very proud to say that I have been with Xiled Gaming Network for 6 out of their 10 years as a community. I have made this place my home, and it has become more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve been taught so much not only about gaming culture, but taught more about myself and what I am capable of.

Thank you Mr XGN and the XGN Founding Fathers, XGN Orion 7, the XGN Council of Elders, XGN Council of Leaders, and all of the XGN Leadership past and present for helping to build Xiled Gaming Network to the community it is today, and pave the way for gamers to rise up and become the leaders of tomorrow.