Article By: Jessi 7XS

The moment we have all been waiting for, well those of us who are #teamxbox anyway. Last Thursday at the 2019 Game Awards, Microsoft FINALLY introduced the next generation Xbox console!

First hinted to us by Microsoft during their E3 showcase in 2019, we knew that Microsoft was working on “Project Scarlett”, now we have a name! The Xbox Series X is now the 6th in the line of Xbox consoles, announced just 2 years after the release of the Xbox One X. This new console is said to be 4 times as powerful as the Xbox One X, but what are we really getting out of it?

Well to start off the design, it’s a vertical tower, and yes it can be used horizontally as well. I know we are all more used to the flat box look, but I think this will be a welcome change. It also gives us more of a PC feel as well. Going along with this PC feel, will be some PC kind of hardware.

The Xbox Series X CPU will feature a custom AMD ZEN 2 chip-set as well as a custom GPU built on AMD RDNA. Gamers rejoice, real time ray tracing is here along with a custom built solid state drive, to ease our pain of those long waits for loading. We are even talking 8K resolution my friends…..yes I said it, 8K. All in all, we are being promised a console that is 4 times as powerful as the Xbox One X.

The best part about Xbox Series X, is that everything will continue to be backwards compatible. That means that games from Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox One X will all be playable on the Xbox Series X. Even right down to the controller. Series X will be getting an updated controller, similar to the Xbox One Elite controller. This controller will be able to be used not only with the Series X, but can also be used with the Xbox One. Xbox One controllers will even be able to be used with the Series X as well.

Let’s talk titles. Confirmed first and foremost to be the launch title for the Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite. Infinite will be the 6th main title in the Halo series after Halo 5: Guardians. Master Chief will return once again to save humanity.

What are we talking for price? Well, with what little details have been revealed so far about console specs, one can only speculate based on the components involved. For one example, this IGN article I had the chance to read today, estimates around $600. When compared to the Xbox One X I wouldn’t say that would be too far off. After all, the 1TB Xbox One X priced at $499 and featured 4K resolution, Radeon GPU, and DDR5 RAM.

Release date? We know for sure sometime in 2020. Nothing concrete has been given as far of a specific release date, but here’s a thought. When checking into details of Halo Infinite, it slates a release of Q4 2020 and it’s supposed to be a launch title, I’m thinking November or December of 2020 for sure, especially if during the Game Awards it was said “Holiday 2020”.

What do you guys think? Is Microsoft trying too hard to turn Xbox into a PC? Do you think this will change Xbox for the better? Let us know! 


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