By Mu5ik

There are four (4) games that are free for the month of May for anyone that has Xbox Live Gold. May’s Games With Gold are a multiplayer party game, to a save-the-world shooter, from a professional golf game, and a comic book hero. This month collides with generally played shooter classics, with unique comic and athletic games, Xbox has you covered this month. 

Marooners (Xbox One) May 1st – May 31st

In this multiplayer game that switches seamlessly from local play to online play, play with up to 5 friends in a variety of different everchanging mini-games. Play in up to 3 different game modes. You could either do a single playthrough of each minigame, choose your character and weapon from a collection of 70+ weapons and when dead come back as a ghost to haunt the other players or play to find treasure in 25 different games and maps and figure out who will be king of the ring.


Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (Xbox 360) May 1st – May 15th
The earth has been terrorized by bugs again in this sequel. Only the Earth Defense Force are the only ones who can stop them and save the earth. You are a member of the Earth Defense Force and must destroy these monstrous bugs at all costs while knowing that doing so may turn an entire city into rubble.

The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA TOUR (Xbox One) May 16th – June 15th

Play the official PGA Tour golf game. Play in the all-new officially licensed PGA Tour Career mode and on professional courses in actual PGA TOUR events. Beat Rivals in your Career throughout the season as an extra challenge and promising rewards.


Comic Jumper (Xbox 360) May 16th – May 31st.

Captain Smiley is bought out by Twisted Pixel Games after his comic book fails and is sent as a work-for-hire by leaping into other comic books and fixing their problems.





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