Who is the hardest hero in ML?

1. Fanny (Assassin) Among 114 heroes in Mobile Legends, Fanny is the most difficult hero to master!List of the Top 5 Hardest Heroes in Mobile Legends
1. Fanny In 1st Place, Fanny is often regarded as the most difficult hero to master in Mobile Legends. …
2. Natalia With an excellent set of skills in-game, especially her passive skill of Assassin Instinct, Natalia is an extremely stealthy Assassin who should not be messed with. …
3. Kagura Despite being easy to learn, mastering Kagura is a whole different story. …
4. Gusion …
5. Wanwan …

What is the hardest hero in Mobile Legends?

Fanny. Hero Fanny is often considered the hardest hero in Mobile Legends to master. His second skill, Steel Cable often poses a big challenge for players who want to master it in the game.

Who is the easy hero in ML?

Zilong. The first ML hero for beginners is Zilong. Zilong is one of the first generation Hero fighter in Mobile Legends. This hero is one of the new heroes that is easy to use.

Who is the best assassin in ML?

Hayabusa grabs the top spot on this month’s list of best Assassins due to his perfect skills. He can dish out huge damage just by poking his targets, has high mobility, and does enormous burst damage with his Ultimate. As a matter of fact, Hayabusa can be the perfect counter for any Assassin in Mobile Legends.

Who is the hardest tank in ML?

Gatotkaca is the most durable Tank in Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s current meta. Excellent defensive and offensive capabilities also make for very versatile use cases for him in MLBB. Particularly in team fights, all the damage that he takes, boosts his physical defense, as he converts lost HP to physical defense.

What is the weakest hero in ML?

Hanabi. Hanabi is considered as hero the weakest in Mobile Legends in ranked mode. Hanabi is a specialist late game because I have to farming first to get the best out of it.

Who is the king of Lifesteal in ML?

It’s no secret that Alucard has become the best Mobile Legends lifesteal hero of all time. This vampire has an extraordinary lifesteal, especially if you activate his ultimate, Alucard doesn’t have to worry about running out of HP because his ultimate will increase his lifesteal by 100 percent.

Who is Moonton favorite hero?

Chou. One of the heroes who need high mechanics is apparently also Moonton’s favorite child. Chou has 7 skins with 1 painted skin where his skin is also relatively large.

Who is the strongest support in ML?

Kaja. Kaja is the best and strongest support hero who will have a big impact on the battlefield. Your team is very lucky to have this hero. He can help the team to immobilize the enemy and also deal damage.

Who is the easiest assassin in ML?

Saber. Saber is one of the Easy-to-Use Hero Assassins, because it has easy-to-understand skills with high damage scaling. Not only that, To try to play as an assassin, Saber can be your first choice.

Is Kagura difficult?

Kagura is a hero who has many types of attacks. This one hero has 6 skills that you can use, and you can combine each of these skills well. This ability makes this one hero very difficult to play, but if you manage to master it, Kagura will be very agile and of course have abilities above the average of other heroes.

Who is the hardest marksman in ML?

Every marksman hero in Mobile Legends has their own unique mechanics that set them apart from each other. Yi Sun-Shin has proven himself to be the strongest marksman in the current meta of Mobile Legends. Here are 5 heroes who are the strongest in the current meta.

Is Chou difficult to play?

Chou is one of the strongest fighter assassins with strong CC skills. However, it was very difficult for him to fight many people at once. You must be in a good position to execute the skill so that you are not in danger when you run out of escape skills.

Is Ling hard to use?

Tricky Mechanisms. Ling is one of the assassin heroes with tricky mechanisms and hard to be controlled as well. Similar to Fanny, to use Ling well, you have to know every wall location in Mobile Legends to use his flight skills quickly.

Why is Hanabi so weak?

One of Hanabi’s biggest weaknesses is that she has no escape tool, which makes her quite a squishy target. Especially in the current Meta, where the best heroes have high mobility. Hanabi won’t be able to stand against heroes like Ling.

Who were the first heroes in MLBB?

The first hero of Mobile Legends is Miya which may also be very familiar at the beginning of the release because it appears as the logo of games this. In addition, Miya is also the first Marksman with the Reap / Damage specialization in games this.

Is Uranus a good hero?

Uranus laning phase is very strong, one of the strongest early game hero in Mobile legend. His first skill together with his 2nd n passive skills can easily trade hp with enemies and harass them out of your lane.

Is Ruby a good hero?

Ruby is undoubtedly one of the best tempo controlling heroes in Mobile Legends. The hero is even more effective in most matches due to her ability to perform as both a fighter and a tank, based on her team’s requirements.

Is Dyrroth a good hero?

While he is a strong hero, Dyrroth can be susceptible to heroes with hard crowd control and higher burst damage than him. He is pretty durable in most cases but some heroes can easily deplete his health with enough items. It also doesn’t help that there are a lot of heroes in the meta that can counter his playstyle.

How old is Nana Mobile Legends?

In the lore, Nana’s age is not directly stated. But in the story, it is gradual and Nana can be said to be still 15 years old in her lore. This also makes sense because he is also still acting like a child.

Is Kagura good in rank?

An excellent pick for rank games, Kagura is definitely a good pick for the current meta.

Is mythic easy to reach?

There is no easy way to reach mythic in mobile legend. To you If in master then it will take time around one month. one think you can play solo Donot depend on your team as they May or may not support you in team fight .

Can mythic play with legend?

Is Hayabusa better than Gusion?

Hayabusa and Gusion are reliable assassins that can easily punish an enemy foolish enough to stand in their way. Out of the three heroes, Gusion has the edge over Hayabusa and Claude.

Is Hayabusa a good hero?

Crazy Damage in Early and Late Game With this skill, Hayabusa can easily kill enemy heroes at the beginning of the game, even if he doesn’t use equipment. Hayabusa is a very strong hero, especially if one on one, this hero is difficult to attack with heroes who are in conflict and tend to attack suddenly.

What is Kagura weakness?

Kagura is weak against heroes like Harley, Fanny, Zilong, Moskov, Karina, Ruby, and Akai.

What is the most difficult hero to play in Mobile Legends?

In 1st Place, Fanny is often regarded as the most difficult hero to master in Mobile Legends. Her second skill, Steel Cable often poses a big challenge towards players looking to master her in-game. Often requiring a quick eye and decisiveness, Fanny is another hero in the mix who requires lots of training spent on her by the player.

Which core heroes are the hardest to play?

The next core hero that is difficult for beginners to use is Fanny. Yep, Fanny is one of the assassin heroes who is very agile and the hardest to use even for old players. We can say that only a handful of players can master this one hero skillfully.

What are the easiest heroes to learn in League of Legends?

– Relies on positioning to deal damage, making her easily skirmished by high burst heroes. Tigreal is a tank hero is very good at soaking up damage received from enemies while providing a strong offense for your team. Eudora is a very easy-to-learn mage hero.

What is a Hero Core in Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has many heroes in it, one of which is a hero with a core role. Almost all roles can be used as hero cores, but there are Mobile Legends hero cores that are difficult for beginners to use! Anything?

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