Article By: Jessi 7XS

I’m sure you all have seen teasers here and there, UXE. You’ve seen it in gamertags of members in the XS Community Discord Server, and you’ve seen the addition of the UXE area in the Community Operations section of the XS Forums. What is UXE?

United Exiled Empire is the brainchild of one of XGN’s Founding Fathers, XGN ANARCHY VII. Anarchy has been a prominent leader in the XGN Community during it’s 10 year run, and although he hasn’t been on the forefront of the community, he hasn’t stopped. I’ve gotten the chance to sit down with Anarchy, to ask him some of those burning questions that we are all wondering about UXE.

You’ve been silent for a little while, what made you want to come back to community gaming?

“Well though I might not have taken an active role in any community for a while, I could not really ever give this up. Gaming communities have been a part of me for 13 years, so when given the opportunity to do something on my own I took it.”

When did you originally come up with the idea for UXE?

“The idea of it has been something on my mind for the past year, the name however was given to me by Cory. I’ve always struggled with coming up with a good name for anything.”

What platforms/games will UXE be focused on the most?

“We are a pc only community with a focus on gaming as a whole we all play a little bit of everything.”

What is your overall goal with UXE? Will the community be more casual based gaming like other XS communities, or do you plan to evolve it into more of a competitive community?

“More casual for sure, though I’m open to rest things when I feel the need to in terms of trying out a more competitive scene. So many pc games are competitive so who knows.”

Being a brand new community; will you be under the XS umbrella right away or will you need to establish the community first? Do you think it will be tough to recruit gamers to the community being a PC based community?

“Well we are not fully launched yet that won’t be till the end of the year, so for being under XS it’s like a almost yes. And for recruiting I’ve never been about numbers, but more the quality of the people inside of the community. I have a goal of where I would like to be when we launch though.”

So safe to say we are looking toward a “Holiday 2020” launch?

“Ya something along those lines.”

Besides obviously yourself, who are some of the key members who will be joining the UXE BoD? Have they been members of gaming communities previously?

“I plan on having members from across all generations of my past. My VP is UXE Aleks, who was former XGN, Phage is a Senior Director, and XGN Mrs Viper is my Div Lead.”

A question that always seems to get asked by many gamers; what does it take to start a community? What would you say are your first steps with beginning UXE as a community?

“It takes a lot of and I mean alot of desire, nothing is easy especially this. I would say not everyone could do this.”

With your experience in community gaming, what is the biggest piece of advice that you could give to a member in lower ranks at the squad level?

“Just stick with it, we have all been those ranks and are the few who stayed the course.”

Finally, the burning question; Where do you see UXE after launch? What are some of your benchmark goals for the community?

“I want a solid base of people that are excited and motivated to be here. 300 people is where I see us at launch.”

Is there anything else that you would want people to know about UXE or even yourself?

“Nah I will let my community speak for itself as time goes on.”

After learning that the UXE Vice President was UXE AleksofVolk, formerly XGN Aleks 7, a Director in XGN previously, I got so excited. I was just a weee XGN member back then, still on the Clan Operations grind at the Division Staff level. It was awesome to be able to connect with her again after a couple of years, and be able to chat with her a little bit about her role in UXE as well.

When did you first hear about UXE? How did you become the Vice President of a brand new community?

“Well, Anarchy and I have been friends for the past three years. He asked me what I thought about him starting up a community. At the time I was in a BoD position in another community but I told him I would support him in whatever way I could and if he felt he was ready to lead a community then he should go for it. Unfortunately the community I was in at the time wasn’t as accepting of my being gay and ended up removing me from leadership over it. Anarchy was really supportive as I went through that and when he was given UXE he asked me if I wouldn’t come help him start up UXE. He started me out as CoS but quickly realized I was doing a VP’s job and since it was planned I would be VP down the road as it was he moved me up so I could better serve UXE.”

How would you describe the difference in being a VP to the rank of Director that you held previously in XGN?

“As a VP I get more of a say in how the community is shaped. As Director I felt I was mostly just there for when things hit the fan in one of my divisions I was over. I also feel as VP I set more of a standard for my community in how I handle any issues or changes to the community. Directors have that responsibility as well but this is on a larger scale in a sense as it influences our Senior Leaders. I also have to prioritize the entire community and strive to do what is best overall. I also do a lot more of the Administrative things and have to trust that myself and Anarchy have put the right people into leadership positions.”

What will be some of your main responsibilities as the Vice President of the community?

“Currently I manage the UXE twitter, run the Discord staff, am a Court Judge, work with XS leadership to keep us immersed with them and make sure we are best utilizing the resources we are provided. I advise our leaders and help set policy and make any necessary changes. I have to be a bit of a Jack of all Trades because wherever there is a need for our community that can’t be handled by someone else I have to fill in or at least fill in until I can find someone who can handle whatever responsibility.”

How does it feel to come back to community gaming after having left XGN a couple years ago?

“To be perfectly honest I was hesitant to come back into a community with ties to XS. XGN got me my start and I’ll always be grateful for that but I also had a rough time of it. What’s amazing to see though is the change in leadership that is driving XS. With how supportive XS leadership like Bree and Nate have been I can say I’m happy to be reconnected. I’ll be proud of the day we fully launch and become officially a part of XS.”

What goals do you have set for UXE as a whole?

“My main goal is to foster a community that supports each other as they move through leadership. We are taking a focus on the leaders mentoring the newer leaders coming up which I feel will help bring the community together in a way that everyone feels connected. Another goal like any community is to grow and expand but I’m ok with that taking time as long as we have quality members that enjoy being here. Long term would be to have competitive teams but we want our focus to stay on gaming. It’s all well and good to have members that volunteer for our community but we are here because we are gamers and we don’t want to lose sight of that.”

What is some advice that you could give to members who may just be starting out in a gaming community?

“I think the best advice that I could give and that I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out is to not take being in a gaming community too seriously. I’ve made the mistake and I’ve seen others make the mistake of getting wrapped up too much into community issues or burning themselves into the ground because they lose sight that it is after all a gaming community.”

Lastly, is there anything about UXE that you would want people to know?

“I would want people to know that we are a friendly group and to feel free to hangout and talk with our members. There’s been a lot of confusion about who we are and while some people are comfortable enough to just come up to me and ask I feel there’s still a certain amount of uncertainty. Another thing to know is that we are a PC community but welcome gamenights with anyone that wants to play cross platform games.”

I am for sure looking forward to seeing great things come from United Xiled Empire. I’m very happy that I had the pleasure of reconnecting with some great leaders from my early days in XGN. Congratulations Anarchy, Aleks, Phage, and Ms Viper for using your experience and knowledge to pave the way for a new generation of gamers. Welcome to Xiled Syndicate, we wish you the best of luck during the launch of your community!