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While we all stay at home, school from home, work from home, at least we can take some solace in knowing that we will have some great games to play while we are home. One of these games coming to us is Minecraft Dungeons! Originally Minecraft Dungeons was supposed to be released in April, but due to current events *cough* Coronavirus *cough*, we will now see if release May 26th.

What is Minecraft Dungeons? Dungeons is an action-adventure dungeon crawler style game, where up to 4 players fight to defeat the Arch-Illager. Each level is filled with swarms of new mobs, with all weapons, artifacts, and enchantments available to the player. While the game is a standalone in the Minecraft universe, you won’t be able to place blocks or build houses, but you still spend time exploring the overworld.

Each time that you play Minecraft Dungeons, the mission will always stay the same, but paths you take, mobs, and treasure you find will be different. This will make for more variety while playing. Keeping up with variety in the game, there will be DLC coming to Dungeons after launch. With the Hero Edition of Dungeons the 2 upcoming DLC will be free.

Minecraft Dungeons will be available at launch to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, & Nintendo Switch. At that time there will be no cross-platform co-op play, only online multiplayer on the same console. But the powers that be do have plans to provide a free update after the game’s initial release to bring cross platform play to life.

Two editions of Dungeons will be available at launch; Standard Edition and Hero Edition. The Standard Edition will be available for those with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, and those with Game Pass Ultimate will have access on both console and Windows PC. Standard Edition will be a cost of $19.99 USD. Hero Edition will be $29.99 USD, and include a Hero Cape, 2 player skins, and a chicken pet along with the 2 DLC packs to be released.

Pre orders are currently available now for Windows and Xbox One,however they are not currently available for the PlayStation 4 or the Nintendo Switch.

Unite with your friends to take on the dungeons. Fight your way through with weapons, armour, and enchantments. Survive while exploring levels for treasure and unique items, save the villagers and take down the evil Arch-Illager.

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