By Cassie

Being recommended for an XS Member Spotlight is an amazing feeling. Being able to be recognized for your accomplishments feels euphoric. Below, you can read about how this new and upcoming Captain is enjoying himself in TXO (The Xiled Ones).

“What’s your current rank?”


“How long have you been in TXO for?”

“I have been in TXO since March 5th, 2019.”

“Why did you join TXO?”

I joined TXO because I was getting tired of always being alone, [and I] wanted something more.”

“Who has inspired you in TXO and how?”

There are two people that have really hit home for me, that would be TXO Taz and TXO Elk 7. [TXO] Taz being the one that whenever I need something, he is there to help. Then there is TXO Elk 7,  he is the leadership you want to have, someone that will handle whatever is thrown at them. He will never give you something that he won’t do himself.”

“Do you have any advice for up and coming members?”

My advice to a new and upcoming member is to have fun with it game with everyone in the community, learn from your leadership.”

“What is your short-term goal in TXO?”

My short term goals are to build up my squad here in a few months, make general, [and] learn from my Co-Founder.”

“What is your long-term goal in TXO?”

“My long-term goals; I would like to get enough people and leadership to split the Division and become a Founder, working my way to [the] board of directors.”

“If someone wanted to game with you, what would be your favorite games you’re into right now?”

“My favorite game is World of Tanks anyone is welcome to join me.”

“What are a few things you would like people to know about you?”

“I am a fun guy to game with, even though I work 40 Hours plus a week. [I] Will always find a few hours a day to game.”

“What do you find most challenging at being a member at your rank?”

At my current rank the most challenging thing to me is when someone comes to me and they are upset about something in real life and I don’t know how to help.”

“What did you think of TXO when you first joined?”

When I first joined I was a little overwhelmed about everything, I didn’t know what to think the training; seemed nuts to me, like I was joining the Marine Corps all over after you talk to whoever is training you in about why they do what it makes sense, and everyone gets it.”

“Tell us something you think other communities don’t know about TXO.”

TXO isn’t just a gaming community if you invest your time into it, it becomes so much more then that. It becomes your home away from home, your gaming family.”

“How would you describe your division in 3 words?”

“Flexibility, eagerness, and loyalty.”

“How would you describe your squad in 1 word?”


“Who do you think recommended you for an XS Spotlight?”

“If I would say Either TXO Elk 7 or TXO Anubis?”


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