Article By: TXO eG3e

TXO Chadd happily answered a few questions I had about the new excitement that is brewing in the team. He spoke about how he was “disheartened it wasn’t growing” and stepped in to make a change. He is now Captain of the Apex Team and got to recruiting right away. He currently has 4 players on his Xbox team, and 9 on his PC side. His short term goal is to have 2 teams on Xbox. TXO Chadd has taken a new approach, his recruiting takes a new stance as he looks for well-rounded players rather than the elite shooters among the division. He looks for the person who exemplifies a “team-mate,” who puts hard work and communication first over kills or glory plays.

In our interview I asked if he had a mission statement for the team, his response? “Prima Famiglia” which translates to family first. His mission statement is seen in the members he selects to join the team, in the work behind the scenes he makes to make each member feel at home. TXO Chadd proceeded to continue telling me how proud he was of the strives the team has made already and is looking forward to more “great times playing together.” TXO Chadd recently acquired a co-captain – TXO DirtyDan to help with monitoring the team. It’s exciting times for the team and I can’t wait to see the continued progress that they will hopefully make.

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