By XGN MrFluffy

Since the rise of technology, we have found many ways to interact with our favorite hobbies. From radios in the 20’s broadcasting Babe Ruth a baseball legend; to Cat Videos on the early days of Youtube. Technology has expanded and evolved. Recently a certain broadcasting platform has taken the world by its horns: streaming. Streaming is a completely innovative and immersive way for people to interact with one another. If individuals want to join a channel that plays music or a channel that paints, the streaming world is a fun new adaptation to Television. But perhaps the biggest category that dominates the streaming platform is the Gaming Community. From big names like Ninja, DrDisrespect, and Shroud all the way down to your own homegrown streamers trying to turn a dream into reality. The gaming population is huge on both Twitter and up and coming rival Mixer. So what did we do? Xiled Syndicate joined them, to be able to give our members a bigger platform to help succeed.

Xiled Syndicate has always strived to find ways to grow platform, and reach out to people others never thought possible. Our Mixer outreach has only just started back in September, while the Mixer account has only accumulated 135 followers and over 600 views, the content, and quality from the Mixer is outstanding. One time when I was watching, TXO MR SANDY 7 provided a 40 minutes of gameplay, there was music and entertaining gameplay and made me just dance in my chair as I watched him. Sandy was very talkative and every time someone commented he would be quick to reply. I hope to see more of him and the rest of the staff!

If you didn’t know: Mr XGN is doing a giveaway on the Mixer account, where any member can pick what new game they choose once the account reaches 500 followers. To learn more information on how you can win, go **HERE**

Also, in addition, TXO MR SANDY 7 will give away 3 months of Xiled Elite to the winner!

The XS Twitch channel has had a surplus of followers and viewers on the channel. While Twitch may be a more popular streaming service for such a community like ours, to garnish 4,200+ followers and over 100 views are pretty impressive. Also to boast, they have a sweet streaming schedule countdown to let you know when to hop on and watch them. Our twitch account is in depth and offers amazing entertainment. I only watched a video from each service, because mixer only had one video and it’s only fair to judge just one, so I watched a very recent video. First off I just want to say props to the animation team for having a very dope intro (and yes I said dope). But mainly I wanted to talk about XGN Anarchy VII. Out of 2 hours, Anarchy was very enthusiastic and was interactive in the stream. Providing some comedy and sitting on the edge of your seat gameplay as he streamed PUBG; It was an awesome experience.

If you didn’t know: TXO MR SANDY 7 is doing a give away as well on the Twitch account! At twenty (20) subscribers, he will give away Xiled Elite for 3 months after a random drawing! 

So what are you waiting for? To subscribe, or follow go to the links provided below. Thank you for supporting XS!

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