Article By: Jessi 7 XS

Hey everyone!

I’m happy to announce to all members of Xiled Syndicate that the XS News Department is looking for experienced and dedicated writers to join the Department. If you have a passion for writing, and some writing experience, we would love to have you on the team!

Some requirements of this team are;
– decent to exceptional writing experience
– knowledge of the English language, and the ability to effectively write articles without extensive use of abbreviations or “text” language
– time to dedicate to the Department to be able to write 1-2 articles a week with no issue
– ability to effectively communicate with Department Staff of any concerns or absences needed
– overall the ability to have an open mind and broaden your writing styles

A writer on the Xiled Syndicate News Department would be responsible for writing 1-2 articles a week, in various topics ranging from;
– Gaming News
– Gaming Reviews
– XS Community News
– XS Community Events
– XS Member Spotlight Interviews

If you would like to apply for a position with the XS News Department you can fill out the application form at

Or you can also fill out the following application form and send it to Jessi 7 XS using the email [email protected]

~XS News Department Application Form~

Your Name(real name,first only):
Your Discord(this is mandatory to have for this Department, please include your FULL Discord name with #):
Are you in XS, if so which Community?:
Do you understand that this is NOT a paid position?:
What do you believe are your writing type strengths?:
Do you have consistent access to a computer?:
Are you knowledgeable with Word, Google Docs, or Spell Check Tools?:
What type of availability do you have, are you a member of any other XS or Community Departments?
Do you understand that you may be given deadlines to meet?(Writers are required to submit 1 article a week MINIMUM):
Why do you want to be an XS News Writer?:
Please provide text or a link to the work you are most proud of, or a sample writing piece of 500 words or more:

If you have any additional questions please DM Jessi 7 XS on Discord @ Jessi 7*XS Chief AAP/XGN CoN/WM*#0786
#LLXS <3


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