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Since the drop of the very first Tom Clancy’s Division, many gamers have been googly-eyed over the prospect of the release of yet another Division game. The beta has been highly anticipated by players, with the fate of the free world on the line. With the collapse of the economy, gamers are able to grab a team or tackle it alone … if you dare while this RPG game has an open world player progressive air to it as you assemble a team to combat a degenerative economy. Ubisoft has finally released the Massive Entertainments’ release date on March 15th of 2019. In the game, there are three options to tackle these dangerous antagonists; the campaign, in a co-op online campaign or PVP.


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In the campaign, players go from all over the city in order to help those in need while trying to fix the problems caused by a pandemic. which left not only New York but now Washington DC in a post-apocalyptic state. The survivors are left with arming themselves with high tech gear and weapons to combat their aggressors. There are areas within DC that are highly contaminated in which players should either avoid or make sure they are equipped for their safety. With the pandemic running rampant and crime at an all-time high, it’s up to the player to put things right. Our only advice is to make sure to survive and show others your skill and prowess.

In co-op: missions and tasks are set before players and their team are able to take on one or all three groups true Sons, Hyenas and or the Outcasts. You take on the role of a special agent and task force pushing through the city, with your team, you gear up and prepare for a boss fight that has the feeling of intense ferocity. Make sure to get, and upgrade, as much gear and weapons as possible, because if you don’t you will fail. So with all that being said gather your team suit up and get ready because whether or not you are your enemies will be.

During the PVP aspect of the game, be ready to gather gear and go toe to toe with others while trying to salvage equipment, clues or anything that will come in handy in your fight to fix the post-apocalyptic, Washington DC. While gathering supplies you have to fight off and protect the gear as its airlifted to safety and out of the hands of your enemies. Most often than not, if you’re daring, you can travel into the contamination zones where your loot is more promising but be aware your enemies are more dangerous. So pick up your guns ladies and gents because ready or not here the division 2 comes.

Our final thoughts on this sequel to Tom Clancy’s Division; the Division 2 has many gamers hyped for the next rendition. Prepare yourself for battle or prepare your team because it’s going to be one crazy fight. While you prepare for the drop of the game be sure to check out the opposition because it will not be an easy feat. We have one last question for everyone. Are you prepared?






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