By Empress

Everyone knows how important the Helix’s are to Xiled Gaming Network. Among the many great leaders in XGN, a new leader is the newest division leader of Triple Helix. XGN Mag 7, he has been in XGN for quite some time, and there is no doubt that he will be the next to split TH. Even though being busy, I still got the chance to be able interview him about his newest promotion.

Q: “How long were you Co-Division for?”
A: “About 11 months.”

Q: “What challenges have you faced and overcome to get where you are?”
A: “Well, I went through some difficult obstacles before. I learned that being a leader comes with a lot of responsibility and you cannot repeat mistakes. [As a division leader] You also speak for an entire division so you can’t be naive while handling situations that way those situations aren’t repeated.”

Q: “What plans do you have for Triple Helix?”
A: “Since making DH [Double Helix], we only have two squad right now, Xenon and Krypton. I hope to have between 300-350 members and 2-3 more squads. With that, I hope to have a co-division leader, more founders, and as well as 3 more co-founders. Overall, my goal is to have TH be the prime example of what a division in XGN should be like.”

Q: “How well are your squads doing so far?”
A: “Krypton is a work in progress, even though they have gotten five times better, but they are growing under the guidance of their general XGN Sparta VII. Xenon is doing well and showing extraordinary growth and exceptional leadership. The most amazing thing about Xenon is they are preparing to split under their general XGN WWECobra XS hopefully sometimes in the next month.”

Q: “Do you model yourself after anyone or look up to them?”
A: From Corporal to Captain, I looked up to both XGN Rizzi 7 and XGN Oreo 7. But after Major, I looked up to myself because I needed to motivate and inspire myself because I didn’t want to be in anyone’s shadow.”

Q: “Is there anything about yourself you want others to know?”
A: “Personally, I’m trying all corners of my life. But XGN wise, I’m highly prideful when it comes to growth. You should be able to do 50 to 75% of your highest capacity of activity in the squad or division.”

Q: “Is being a division leader what you thought it would be?”
A: “It’s exactly what I thought it would be.”

Q: “Are there any last thoughts or advice you would like to leave us with?”
A: “Always try to be mentally or emotionally prepared for the next rank. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can your can’t do it. Don’t be scared to speak your mind and shoot for the stars. ”

In conclusion, I want to thank XGN Mag 7 for all he has done and continues to do on a daily basis for not only Triple Helix but for everyone around him. He continues to work hard and does what he can to help and encourage everyone to do their best. So on behalf of not only the Xiled Syndicate News team, but myself as well: Congratulations XGN Mag 7 on your promotion to division leader of Triple Helix. We look forward to seeing what bright future you have set before you. Good luck on all you do.


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