By Cassie

I was extremely excited to be able to sit down in a party and get to talk to the striving force of the XS channel on Mixer’s success. Every time I tune into our Mixer, it seems as if Hokage is either communicating with his audience or either pub stomping (or getting pub stomped). It is a fun time to be able to interact with him and watch someone from XS stream. Below, I got to see Hokage’s view on streaming, who were the people who inspired him to stream, and advice for up-and-coming streamers!


Q: “What’s your current rank in clan ops?”

A: “SSG at the moment.”


Q: “How long have you been in XGN for?”

A: “For my first period, I was in XGN from June of 2017 to October of 2018. I rejoined XGN the eleventh of January… collectively it’s been 16 months.”


Q: “Why did you join the stream team?”

A: “The reason why I wanted to join the stream team gosh, there are so many reasons; I wanted a way to give back to a community that helped me develop my workplace leadership and hard work ethic as a working young adult, and help XS get more established on a platform that I am well known on with my channel having 5.4K followers at the moment.”


Q: “Do you have your own stream, if so give us information?”

A: “On my main channel, I do a lot of things. I play Fortnite, Apex [Legends], I like to play with my viewers a lot of times, I do have sponsorship giveaways, and lastly, on my stream, we just love to have a fun time together in-game or talking in chat. You can follow me at:


Q: “Who has inspired you to stream?”

A: “I guess a lot of people, jeez Louise. I had friends who said I was really good at siege, so because of them telling me I should, I went onto the ESL competitive scene in 2016. It was the same group of friends that told me I should start streaming ranked and scrims on twitch. I was recruited onto a team on the minor league for Rainbow Six Siege on pc, so I guess they were kinda right.”


Q: “Do you have any advice for up and coming streamers on any platform?”

A: “I guess network with streamers who have established audiences, keep on grinding even if you have zero (0) viewers you’ll get there someday If you try hard enough. Always find ways to upgrade your stream visually so people are more likely to see how much work you have put into it. Don’t feel like you need to stream the mainstream games to succeed, like Fortnite or Apex, you will get followers and concurrent viewers with the games you love if you work hard enough. always try to keep your viewers entertained by talking to them and that type of stuff. Develop and treat your name, like a brand.”


Q: “What is your goal for your personal stream and the XS stream channel?”

A: “For my own stream, I want to establish a community through my stream where people can connect and have fun with one another through a common interest. I guess the XS channel is to help Xiled Syndicate be better established on a platform that has a lot of people who want to be a part of something bigger than just fans of a stream.”


Q: “If someone wanted to game with you, what would be your favorite games you’re into right now?”

A: “Right now? As at the moment Apex Legends, BO4, and Fortnite.”


Q: “What are a few things you would like people to know about you?”

A: “Hmm… I am really chill, I like to talk about what’s on my mind. When I play with people, I like to have the most fun experience as possible.”


Q: “What do you find most challenging at streaming?”

A: “I think the biggest challenges that I overcome now are  the same challenges I had to overcome when I first started, that all streamers agree are big hills to get over like getting to burnt out from streaming long hours on one game, and constantly trying to improve your stream so it is the best product you can show to your everyday viewers.”


Q: “Do you have any Hokage social media we can follow you at?”

@TheReal_Hokage_  on twitter!”


Q: “Do you have any final thoughts you would like to tell the readers?”

A: “Thank you to everyone who is supporting my efforts on the XS mixer channel, to everyone who has supported me from my own community that came over to support me since I started streaming on the XS channel I love you all, thank you so much! I hope to see you on the stream. I stream on the XS mixer channel Monday- Friday at 7 – 11am EST. Weekends, 1-7pm est.”


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