Article By: XGN Empress VII

On behalf of the News Team it has been my privilege and honor to have been able to get the inside scoop on the most recent happenings within XS. Well I’ve done just that but this time I was able to speak with the new affiliate of Xiled Syndicate the founder of FGN or Fierce Gaming Network. While we heard from Mr. XGN I rushed over to speak with the founding father FGN FierceGod XS to get his side of the story. So without further ado ladies and gentlemen may I present to you FGN FierceGod XS on becoming our affiliate:

What does FGN stand for?

“Fierce gaming network.”

When was FGN created?



Why was it created?

“To be able to give talented hard working gamers and creators to get together in one place that is safe structured and organized. As well as to game to show off their gaming skills and teamwork.”


How did you hear about XS and what prompted the initial contact?

“I heard about XS through the gaming grapevine. It was being spoken about in game lobbies in the most honorable and respectful way which drew our attention to it. Upon doing research we saw that we could contribute in the movement that was already started.”


Who initially brought up the possibility of being affiliates and why?

“I approached Mr. XGN through his newly founded project that was just starting off called Clan Helper LLC. We approached Mr. XGN to possibly join the XS movement because we knew that this would be able to help us in our plans of becoming a successful community. Not only helping but also allowing us to contribute to adding more safe places for our hard working members.”

How has XS been able to contribute to you’re growth as a community?

“XS has allowed us to do a restructuring of our members to filter out negativity and help structure the community in a more positive manner to make a greater impact on what we are currently trying to achieve.”


What are you’re goals for the future of FGN?

“One major goal is to take it one day at a time to be better than what we were when we started our journey.”


How long did it take to create FGN?

“It took about 6 months to finalize what FGN was about and what we hoped it would be in the future through hard work and dedication.”


What are things you’d like for us to know about you and FGN as a whole?

“The founder and community as a whole are hard working and dedicated individuals with the determination to be able to show everyone what a true community is about.”


Are there any last thoughts/advice you’d like to leave us with?

“Never give up on what you’re hearts dreams and goals are. Use the negativity as a motivational tool to be able to further yourself and what you want to achieve. FGN community is honored and humbled to be able to contribute and grow within XS. We hope to continue to work alongside each community and member to build a safe haven for those who seek something greater than themselves. Our main goal is to show others that no matter the obstacles we are here to stay.”


With that being said guys I can’t imagine anything more amazing than having yet another community join the XS ranks! We look forward to seeing you around gaming and becoming great friends. If you our readers see any of these wonderful FGN members be sure to welcome them and show them what being in Xiled Syndicate means! We are truly glad to have all of you among us. So once again welcome to the family and congratulations on becoming the newest community to join the ranks of something truly awe inspiring. We look forward to hearing from you all very soon!


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