• Xiled Syndicate Forum Rules
  • As anywhere else in Xiled Syndicate, the Code of Conduct is the foundation of our Community, it applies on the Forums as well. Respect ALL members on the Forums whether they are in Xiled Syndicate or not.

    • You are allowed to only have one Forum Account. Unless issues arise to where you are unable to log in or any other difficulties with the account occur. Be sure to notify Web Staff on the matter. If not, your secondary account will be removed.

    • Please do not, at any time for any reason post content that may be: Abusive, Obscene, Vulgar, Slanderous, Hateful, Threatening, Sexually-Oriented, or just overall Disrespectful. It will be subjected to immediate removal. After the following course of action, you will be banned from the forums indefinitely.

    • Please do not spam the Forums unless in the designated “Spam Area”. Spamming is the act of posting several times in a row without having anybody post after you and/or posting the same topic over and over again.

    • Respect and growth are essential in our Community. Although there are certain members we will not like for personal reasons, please refrain from causing issues due to that person, and if so, defuse the situation in a mature manner by discussing it with your Leadership. Follow the Chain of Command.

    • We ask politely that you keep personal pictures out of the Chat Box. Also including any media, that may stretch the Chat Box or cause an inconvenience for others. You may however, post videos in the Chat Box *Only if hidden inside the Spoiler BB code, and if it is in accordance to the Content rules for the forums. DO NOT post excessively. The maximum amount of shouts in a row in the Shoutbox is Three. If you should go over, you will be given a verbal warning.

    The general punishment guidelines are as follows:

    • 1st Offense: Verbal Warning (depending on infraction)
    • 2nd Offense: Warning on the Forums with possible 2-day Forum Suspension.
    • 3rd Offense: Another Warning and 1-week Forum Suspension.
    • 4th Offense: Banned from the Forums indefinitely. (Can appeal Forum Ban in Court Area after 30 days)

    NOTE: Punishments are subject to change at the Forum Administration’s discretion. Every situation is different, and may or may not call for different discipline than what is stated above. Below are written terms to help clarify certain categories.

    SPAMMING: The act of posting several times in a row without having anybody post after you, you will be warned/suspended. Posting several things over and over again throughout your Squad, Division, or any other section of the forums that is non-Xiled Syndicate related. If it’s important information regarding Xiled Syndicate related topics then it is not “spam”.

    FLAMING: The act of disrespecting an individual person, the Community as a whole or threatening a Squad/Division is the act of flaming and will be banned on site with no warning whatsoever.

    DEAD TOPICS: Topics/threads that are considered “dead” means they have not had a reply in 2-3 weeks. The Moderation Team will then go through and move them to our Staff Trash Can and/or Div or Squad Archives. This is done on a weekly basis so if your posts are being “deleted” they aren’t, they are simply being moved so the forums are kept clean as possible.

    XS Vice President
    XS Chief Administrative Officer
    Web Ops Manager
    Head Administrator
    Global Moderator

    Forum Disclaimer: The Management of Xiled Syndicate has zero-tolerance for any violations of the Forum Rules. In addition, the Leadership of Xiled Syndicate is not responsible for the actions of any forum member.

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