Xiled Syndicate is dedicated to introducing our members and supporters to some of the most high-quality products and companies in the gaming industry.
Recently discussions between Xiled Syndicate and Rogue Energy started, in hopes to bring this amazing product to the community at a lower cost, while offering our organization several benefits that will help our organization grow and expand. Today we’re pleased to announce we have come to terms, and have sighed a platinum deal with Rogue Energy

Starting earlier this week the following codes (XILED, XGN, TXO, KN, BGL, FGN or OTO) are ACTIVE and will give anyone 15% off while generating commission for our organization! We urge all members, fans, and supporters to download the Rogue Energy Mobile App or visit https://rogueenergy.com/ and consider fueling your energy needs while supporting our family! Giveaways Coming Soon via twitter!

Connect with Rogue Energy!
Twitter: @TheRogueEnergy
Instagram: @TheRogueEnergy
Facebook: @TheRogueEnergy
URL: http://rogueenergy.com
(or download their mobile application by searching “Rogue Energy”)


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