We understand that unfortunately there are always going to be people that want to ruin the fun, So we have created a page that allows players outside of Xiled Syndicate to report members of our community that violate our Code of Conduct or Regulations and Guidelines, This ensures The XS and affiliated communities remain top tier gaming organizations.

Here you can report a Xiled Syndicate member for:

• Behavior
•Xbox Live/Playstation Network Terms of Service Violation (Modding/Hacking/Boosting/Glitching/Offensive Emblems)
• Xiled Syndicate Code of Conduct/Policy Violations
• Website forums & Private messages

(Make sure to add proof (Pictures & Video)

XS Member Report Form
Gamertag / PSN / Steam
Example: MrXGN#7777
What XS Community Do They Represent?
What Did The Said Member Do?
Screenshot or Video URL