Article By: Jessi 7XS

We’ve seen Xiled Sniping over the years, but now it is back and better than ever. Putting out some skilled sniping content on a consistent basis, the team under the direction of Xiled Hype 7 since May of 2019, is working harder than ever before. I had the chance to chat with Hype today about his team, and what they’ve been up to.

When did you first hear about Xiled Sniping, and what was the process like when you joined the team?

Hype: “I heard about it when Cory asked me to help start it and run the team. Just like that Xiled Snipping was formed.”

Did you become the Director right away, or was there Leadership before you? More so, how did you become the Director of Xiled Sniping?

Hype: “There were previous teams under the same name throughout the years, but me and the boys intend to be the best version we can be.”

What has been the biggest obstacle along the way so far?

Hype: “Consistency. The grind for clips ain’t easy.”

What is the purpose of the Xiled Sniping team?

Hype: “To make banger team montages.”

Does the team compete in any major competitions?

Hype: “No.”

If someone were interested in joining the team, what are the requirements?

Hype: “They would need to have a Capture Card and 10 of their best clips.”

How does the team go about making the videos that we have seen advertised on the Xiled Sniping Twitter?

Hype: “The team puts their best clips together, then we send them to an awesome editor. About a week or so later we have a team montage.”

What is your ultimate goal as Director of Xiled Sniping?

Hype: “To be the best sniping team in the scene.”

Are there any improvements that you feel the team still needs to make?

Hype: “Can always hit a nastier clip.”

What is the most important thing that you would like the community to know about Xiled Sniping?

Hype: “Always looking for editors and talent.”

Where do you see the team within the next 5 months?

Hype: “Solid 2 teams making montages twice a week.”

Want to check out these sick montages? Go give Xiled Sniping a follow on their Official Twitter . Also go and subscribe to the Official Xiled Syndicate YouTube channel where you can find montages and more! 


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