By: XGN MrFluffy

Rainbow Six Siege is a classic, making a storm in the gaming community since 2015. Ubisoft stated years ago that they wanted Rainbow to be a multiplayer oriented game, boasting that it is a realistic style shooter where gamers have to communicate with their teammates to take a hostage or secure the objective. Over the years, Ubisoft has made some major updates and changes to the game. From the most famous of the removal of Acogs on defenders Bandit and Jaeger to the less impactful of removing IQ’s grenades. Ubisoft always finds a way to balance the operators and make changes to the game. Go play it when you can, this event is only available every weekend until Feb 18, 2019. Now, something new that recently was added is referred to as the S.I. Playlist. 

The S.I. Playlist, or Sixth Invitationals Playlist, is a really cool playlist that almost mirrors the way Pro League games are set up. In Pro League, each team that plays uses the mode Bomb. Among other things they get the ability to ban 4 operators, 2 Attackers and 2 Defenders, to either influence the way a map has to be played or to take out an operator a player is good at to make them uncomfortable. Players can be on the map bank and get rid of Hibana to make it harder for teams to open up hatches; either way, they get to ban 4 operators. Another thing in Pro League is the Sixth Pick, it allows for one person per round to change into another operator in case they didn’t feel the operator he chose was a good fit for the round they are playing. The S.I. Playlist does all of that, with the exception of the 6th pick, they removed that part. So with this new playlist coming out many experienced siege players, whether that be Pro Players or Famous streamers, are calling for a complete overhaul of the game and make the Playlist a permanent fixing in the game. 

So with the release of the playlist, we have had a lot of players calling for some changes. If you play Siege, then you know that there is casual and ranked. Casual is just for people who want to goof off and not have to feel the competitive aspect of the game, while ranked is for people who want to either play solo or get on with their friends as a team and play together. Since the beginning of the game, ranked has been in what you call a “beta” mode for a long time. With really no update to it, many streamers and players are officially calling for the playlist to take over ranked. However, I would like to see the ranked mode turned into a competitive mode, but make the playlist into the new ranked mode. So this means that there will be three different game modes players can choose from. 

With this in mind, Ubisoft could help change or influence the game. I believe that if they wanted to they can implement these changes and truly make their fan base happy. Please don’t be afraid to message me (XGN MrFluffy) what you think should change in the game, or to game!


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